2015 recruit: Reggie Gallaspy

Southern Guilford (Greensboro, NC) running back Reggie Gallaspy is one of the top prospects in the NC 2015 class. Inside ECU Sports talked with him about the offer he got from East Carolina earlier this week.

Reggie Gallaspy, RB, 6-0, 205 lbs, Southern Guilford High School, Greensboro, NC

Interview transcript

How did you get your offer, which coach was after you?

"(Defensive Coordinator) Rick Smith was my recruiting coach," Gallaspy said. "He came to my school and talked to my coach and told him that he was offering a scholarship to me. He also told coach that he couldn't wait for me to come to the camp this summer so that they could see my skills in person, because they liked how I play on film."

What are you thinking about studying in college?

"I'm still battling between radiology and communications, but I can feel myself starting to drift towards the radiology side. It will be tough work, but I feel I could handle it."

Most kids are just beginning to think about college at the end of their sophomore year, you're already holding four offers. What's that like?

"It helps me focus on my goal and stay motivated to get somewhere," Gallaspy said. "Having offers this early just makes me push harder and feel like I have a bigger role. It's time for me to step up my game, because coaches see something in me and I need to build off of that."

Have you visited any schools yet? When do you plan on coming to ECU?

"I have visited Carolina, Wake Forest, Duke and NC State. I definitely plan on visiting ECU soon now that I have my offer; I want to make it out there to see the tradition and what it's all about."

Out of your offers (Duke, UNC Chapel Hill, NC State and ECU) which one do you like the most?

"It has been a busy process so far, but now that I'm thinking about it I'd say I really like Carolina NC State and Duke. Those are my top three right now, but that could change with a visit to ECU and if Wake Forest ends up offering me soon."

You had 1,757 yards and 20 touchdowns as a sophomore, wow. How do you plan on topping that in what should be your most important season for recruiting?

"Fiest we have to get our team together," Gallaspy said. "We have a group of young guys and need to meet the expectations this season. Our entire offensive lineman was seniors so we need to get the young guys in and ready to play. Overall we're going to have a pretty good team, I am looking forward to practicing hard and staying focused. I know I'll have more of a leadership role next season with the young guys coming in, but I'm embracing it."

Planning on going to any camps this summer?

"I'm heading out to camps at ECU, Duke, NC State, UNC Chapel Hill, Michigan, Ohio State Alabama and Wake Forest. It's definitely going to be a busy summer, but I'm ready for it."

What is the biggest thing you're trying to improve on before your junior season?

"I am trying to work on better footwork," Gallaspy said. "Running track has helped, my 100 time has dropped to a 10.9, but there is always room for improvement so that will be my main focus."

Have you been watching the NFL Draft in the past couple of days? Is it a goal of yours to be at Radio City Music Hall one day?

"I have, and hopefully one day I will be able to get there. It's only a selected few that get to that level, its takes hard work and determination but is definitely something I would like to do. I've enjoyed watching the young lineman get drafted; a lot of people keep saying the draft has been boring this year because it hasn't been a lot of skill players going early. Running backs need lineman though, so I like to see the young guys entering the league, that way I know I'll have fresh guys blocking for me if I get there one day."

If you were up there in the green room, what would be your dream team to get drafted by?

"I would love to go to the New Orleans Saints," Gallaspy said. "I've been a Saints fan for the longest time and I wear No. 25 for when Reggie Bush was there. I used to play like him before I got bigger and stronger, I used to be a quick small guy and run around people, but now I try to run through people."

It'll be a long while until you sign, but when do you want to make your decision?

"My plan is to try to graduate early so I can get to my team and start to learn the system. I would like to do the spring game, meet my lineman, the quarterback, wide-receivers and get in rhythm to get the season started. I wouldn't mind being red-shirted if it would help the team but enrolling early is most likely the route I'll go."

Final thoughts

Reggie Gallaspy is only a sophomore but he already has multiple offers at his disposal. Next season will be huge for this prospect and the offers could keep coming if he continues to play at a high level. After speaking with him, Gallaspy seems like a smart kid who is focused on playing at the next level. His offers include UNC Chapel Hill, NC State, Duke and now ECU. Reggie is one of the top players in North Carolina; expect to see him getting more offers in the near future; he agreed to contact me after his visit to the Pirate Nation.

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