2014 recruit: Brock Deatherage

Western Alamance (Elon College, N.C.) defensive-back Brock Deatherage is looking to land football offers after committing to UNC Chapel Hill for baseball. East Carolina became his second offer and Inside ECU Sports spoke with him about it.

Brock Deatherage DB, 6-0, 175 lbs, Western Alamance High School, Elon College, N.C.

Interview transcript

So you committed to UNC for baseball, but you want to play on the gridiron in college. Talk about that?

"The baseball recruiting process happens a lot earlier than football," Deatherage said. "I wasn't expecting any opportunities for football so I committed. At the time I was 100 percent baseball, but the coaches agreed to let me pursue the football part of my future. My heart is in football and I feel like I am better at it, so I'll be playing football in college at an in-state school."

How did you get your offer? How'd it go down?

"There wasn't much activity at first, I got stuff in the mail about the school, but nothing serious. (Defensive Line) Coach (Marc) Yellock came by last week and talked to coach and we stayed in touch. I know coach Kirkpatrick really well because I played baseball with his son. He told Yellock about me and defensive coordinator Rick Smith so they both watched my tape and were impressed. Coach Smith came down today and gave me my offer. I could tell he knew what he was doing and he told me I had everything he looked for in a player."

What do you know about ECU?

"I visited for baseball and played there a couple times," Deatherage said. "I know it's crazy there with a lot of fans and they go hard at every event. I like the environment and fan base which is a big deal for me. I've saw a ton of the facilities and campus when I was there."

What schools have been talking to you for football? Do you think more offers are on the way?

"UNC Charlotte was my first offer but other than that NC State, Duke, Wake Forest, Tennessee and Auburn are the main schools really pursuing me."

Talk about playing two sports and on both sides of the ball, what does that say about you as a player?

"I feel like I can be trusted on both sides of the ball," Deatherage said. "My coaches know I can make plays so they put me in the right spots. I'm a hard-working player and I do my best to execute properly on every play."

Do you plan on visiting ECU soon?"

"I do really want to get down there and either go to camp or hang out with some coaches or players. I'd like to get to know the campus a little more and I'm looking forward to it."

Talk about that your speed, you ran a 4.3 40-yard dash at the Shrine Bowl. Are you naturally that fast?

They "I am blessed with speed," Deatherage said. "My parents knew I would be fast at an early age. I like to hi the weight room, but I was fast before I even lifted. I've never focused on it specifically, so I guess I'm just lucky."

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a football player?

"My speed is definitely my strength, it allows for easy recoveries on defense. I can move across the field to make plays and feel I'm a smart player as well. I pick up on playbooks and formations fast, I am very aware with good ball skills thanks to my baseball background. I'd like to work on my lateral speed and feet quickness."

What do your parents want you to do with your talent?

"They want me to do what is best for me," Deatherage said. "They're going to let me make the decision while guiding me and being there for me. They are looking for what I am looking for in a school, good coaches, players, facilities and most importantly school that will give me an opportunity after college."

Do you have a time frame for when you would like to make the decision?

"I am going to decide by the end of this summer so my senior year I can play and not worry about impressing anybody. I want to be stress free and just go out there and ball with the label above my head. It'll be a weight off my shoulders when I finally make that decision."

Final thoughts

Brock Deatherage is an extremely talented athlete with next-level speed. His ability to play two sports at a high level speaks volumes about his versatility as a player. Last season he finished with 125 tackles, three sacks, two interceptions and a forced fumble while logging 168 rushing yards and 586 receiving with 12 total touchdowns. Deatherage was told he could play both sports if he comes to the Pirate Nation. His current offers are UNC Charlotte and ECU, but more are sure to come.

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