2014 recruit: Arthur Williams

E. E. Smith (Fayetteville, N.C.) defensive-tackle Arthur Williams is starting to hear it from college coaches after a stellar performance at last month's Shrine Bowl Combine. Inside ECU Sports spoke with him about his recent offer from East Carolina.

Arthur Williams, DT, 6-5 298 lbs, E. E. Smith High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Interview transcript

Take me through your offer. How'd it go down?

"I was at school in first period sitting in class and heard a knock at the door," Williams said. The teacher called me to front of the class and it was the head coach (Ruffin McNeil) and he asked me who offered me and he I said Miami. He told me they wanted to see me come to ECU and run drills and workout. Then he told me they had officially offered me."

What do you know about ECU?

"I know they're good on defense, a big school in Carolina and there's nothing but love for ECU in that area, which is big. I also know they're on the come-up and they're trying to compete for a championship while building the program back up."

Have you ever visited?

"I haven't yet, but I plan on going to the camp. After that, I'm going to a couple games there my senior year since it's not too far of a drive."

What role does ECU's Business School play into your decision?

"I'm an athlete, but a student first. I'm not a dumb jock and I believe in education. As far as choosing schools, I will narrow it down to who provides my major best and who can assist me in getting my degree. Then I'll look for the best defense with an offense that can produce. Location could also play a role."

Last season you finished with 93 tackles, four sacks, two forced fumbles and a fumble recovery for a touchdown. Talk about the year, how do you plan on building from it?

"Jedeveon Clowney is my idol, but I don't want to be like him I want to be better. I saved his senior stats on my phone, and my goal is to beat them next season."

Some schools have concerns about your grades, how are classes going?

"Classes are going great," Williams said. "I started to slip sophomore year at the end, but I just bounced back with junior year and passed all my classes. I just took the SAT and I'm getting my scores back in two weeks."

Talk about your performance at the Shrine Bowl, you dominated in drills. What has that done for your confidence?

"I knew what I was capable of because I work very hard, I like to compete to prove how much I work. I heard people comparing me to other players before the combine, so I just showed up and tried to be better than everybody."

You're 6-foot-5 and weigh in at 298 pounds. That's NFL size and you're still in high school. How confident are you that you can play at the next level and possibility in the pros one day?

"That's my dream; it's why I do it now. I do it for my family, myself, to go the college and hopefully the NFL one day. My favorite team is the Steelers, but I like the 3-4 defenses they play in Atlanta and Jacksonville."

You're hearing from big-time programs, where does ECU rank for you?

"I consider everybody who offered me and who took the time to recruit me as having a chance," Williams said. "ECU is high on the board, they offered me early on which means they believed in me."

What's your timetable like for your decision?

"I am going to wait until summertime so I can get all my offers. I'll either commit at the beginning of senior year or I'll wait until signing day after the season and make it a big surprise."

Final thoughts

Arthur Williams is a player who went from "under the radar" to "how'd we miss this guy." His performance at last month's Shrine Bowl Combine has brought him a flood of college interest. Williams is hearing from big-time programs including multiple SEC schools. Miami and ECU remain Williams' only two offers, but if he keeps performing in the classroom it's very likely that's going to change soon. He speaks highly of the Pirates and based on his major, ECU could be a great fit. He agreed to call me after his visit to Greenville.

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