Marquez Grayson picks ECU

2013 Lexington (N.C.) running back Marquez Grayson is a highly sought after recruit who has been taking his time to commit. He finally made his decision late last week to play at East Carolina and will be eligible for fall 2013. Inside ECU Sports spoke with him.

Marquez Grayson, RB, 6-1, 200 lbs, Lexington High School, Lexington, North Carolina

Interview transcript

Fill me in, you've had 11 offers for over a year now. Why did it take so long to commit?

"I just wanted to make the right decision," Grayson said. "Going into sophomore and junior year I didn't know what I wanted. I kept looking for the right school and all the time really helped it soak in that ECU was the place for me."

Why did you choose ECU, over multiple SEC schools (USC and Tennessee) and seven different ACC schools?

"I chose ECU because they have a great environment. I love the fan base I love the coaching staff and Ty Holmes (former Lexington Yellow Jacket) goes there. I've visited and hung out with him at ECU. I took my official visit and it was one the best experiences I've had at a school.

Was staying in-state something you were set on doing?

"Not really, I was leaning toward Tennessee at one point. Staying in-state wasn't the biggest factor that played into my decision, but I chose ECU and I'm already happy about it."

Talk about your former teammate Ty Holmes, a senior at linebacker for ECU, how did he help you get a feel for the program?

"Being around him really helped," Grayson said. "He showed me his daily routine, took me out to eat and we talked about football last time I was down there. I can relate to him because he did what I did and came from my area. He gave me the script of how it feels to be there and I like that he plays defense because of the tension, we'll see each other on the field. Overall, he's a down to earth guy and what he told me is what sealed the deal."

How did your senior season at Lexington go?

"I had a high ankle sprain coming into the season, so I missed five games. I came back and ended up with 800-900 yards for the season, which is alright. We had a good year as a team, but had a lot of inexperience. I took on a leadership role on offense, but struggled with helping the defensive side because offense is my thing."

What's your best asset as a running back?

"I would say it's between my vision and footwork," Grayson said. "I'm more confident with my feet; I like the side-stepping and juking aspect of the game. I can also run over guys, I like keeping the defense on their toes."

Now that you're committed, what are your summer plans? Are you working to improve on anything in particular before you arrive on campus?

"Right now I've been running track to work on speed. I plan on working on blocking with my (high school) coaches and catching out of the backfield, there's always room for improvement. I'll also be working on footwork and agility; I really like doing agility drills."

How big of a deal is it for you to play as a true freshman?

"I've always heard about how big of a deal it is to play as a freshman and I grew up watching others doing it. It's a pretty big deal for me and my family so I'm excited for the challenge and to show people what I've got, hotpefully I can make an impact immediately."

When are you going to join the team?

"I should be there on June 19th," Grayson said. "I am extremely excited to finally arrive, I can't wait."

Who is a role model of yours?

"I have a few modern day role models they're Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson. I watch clips of all the great running backs; Walter Payton is a big one. I try to model my running after all of them. I also like to watch guys who aren't doing the right stuff so I can learn what not to do from them."

Final thoughts

After not committing on Signing Day 2013, Marquez Grayson has finally made his decision and believes ECU is the right place for him. Grayson chose ECU over Clemson, Duke, Minnesota, UNC Chapel Hill, N.C. State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. This is a big pickup for ECU; Grayson is a big-time back who should contribute his first year for the Pirates. He is working with his high school coaches currently, but will join his future teammates in early June. Senior running back Vintavious Cooper will need to come back strong after his suspension, because Marquez Grayson is ready to step into the backfield for the Pirates.

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