2014 recruit: Garrett McGhin

After flying under the radar early on, Tallahassee (Fla.) Florida High offensive tackle Garrett McGhin now holds multiple offers. Bradley Harwood spoke with him about his offer from East Carolina.

Garrett McGhin, 6-6, 260 lbs, OT, Florida State University High School, Tallahassee, Florida.

Garrett McGhin is a three sport athlete; he plays offensive line for Florida High School along with first and third base on the baseball team and center in basketball. While he's not your conventional first baseman, standing 6-foot-6 and weighing in at 260 pounds, he's perfect size for an offensive lineman.

In the spring ECU stopped by to check out this recruit, McGhin came away with an offer from the Pirates.

"We get coaches that come through and talk to our coaches," he said. "It was (Defensive Coordinator) Rick Smith who came and talked to my coach. I met with both of them for a little while and then went back to class. At the end of the day he came out to practice and watched one-on-ones and then left pretty quick, I thought he didn't like what he saw. Then I talked to him that night and he offered me."

Coach Rick Smith gave McGhin the scoop about what ECU had to offer.

"He (Smith) gave me a good feel about the program," McGhin said. "He talked about how nice the stadium was and about the new weight room and locker room. He mentioned that it was some of the nicest facilities he's seen in football and gave me a flyer about ECU. I also remember him talking about them having good academics. After looking at the flyer, the school looks beautiful."

McGhin has family who live in Greenville, he's heard of the Pirates before and has seen them play on television.

"I remember watching them (ECU) play Appalachian State on TV," he said. "My dad went to school there. I know they're up and coming. My aunt's family lives in Greenville, I also know they're good academically."

As far as visiting ECU goes, McGhin has yet to make the trip from Florida. He said he plans on making it to Greenville this summer to see Coach Rick Smith along with the other schools that have offered. The timetable for his visit to ECU should be the middle to end of July.

Playing multiple sports is something McGhin has done since he was a kid.

"I grew up playing all sports," he said. "I'm best at these two (baseball and football). I played pop warner football and grew out of it; I was playing with 14 and 15-year-olds at age 12. I played a little elementary football and played in seventh and eighth grade. I've played baseball all my life and was on junior varsity as an eighth grader for my school. I took freshman year off from football because I wanted to be one of the few freshmen to make the varsity baseball team. I played offensive line for the first time sophomore year. I like baseball because it gives more credit to the individual and you can change the game with a swing of the bat. I also like beating up on people on the offensive line and showing out in football though."

McGhin has great speed and quick feet for his size. He runs a 5.3 40-yard dash, which has given him the opportunity to see playing time at tight-end as well. However, the Pirates want him at offensive line.

"They (ECU) have only said things about playing on the line," McGhin said. "I just started to play tight-end this year and I'm the number two guy. I'm mainly used in the red-zone situations. Depending on what colleges want they can have, I'll play either. UAB said I'd come in and play tight-end freshman and sophomore year, but as soon as I put the proper weight on I could be at right tackle. That's if I get to around 290 pounds."

Both positions are appealing to McGhin, he believes his athleticism will allow him to play either at the next level.

"Tight-end is the best of both worlds because I can hit and catch passes," he said. "Lots of coaches tell me I am one of the most athletic tall guys they've seen. I beat every lineman and defensive lineman at FIU (Florida International) in speed drills during camp. I owe it to baseball; it's helped out both my feet and my hands. On the line you have to be able to coordinate steps with punches, just like in baseball when you coordinate your step with your swing. It's helped out a lot."

McGhin holds offers from Florida Atlantic, South Alabama, Middle Tennessee State, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Florida A&M, Valdosta State and now ECU. He's hearing from other schools that could be close to offering him as well.

"I recently went to FIU (Florida International) for the first time," McGhin said. "They have seen me and told me they were interested, but because they haven't seen game film yet they haven't offered. I've gotten mail from South Carolina, Troy, Stanford and also got two hand written letters from USF."

It's going to be a busy rest of the summer filled with camps and visits for McGhin.

"I'm going to USF, FAU, Georgia and Middle Tennessee State," he said. "I'm also coming out to Greenville to see ECU and heard we're doing other camps with my school (Florida High). I'm still looking into other potential camps to go to."

Staying in-state isn't something McGhin is set on. He said the main thing he wants in a school is for it to have his major (Marine Biology). Whether a school has his major or not could ultimately be the deciding factor, distance plays a role but won't affect his final decision.

The Pirates are in McGhin's top schools.

"ECU is in my top three which also has FAU and South Alabama," he said. "FAU is there because I now they have a great campus and marine program, South Alabama also has the program and they're the only school I've visited officially. ECU is top three because they were my second offer and have been there from the beginning. I have a great relationship with Coach Rick Smith, he's a great guy who is honest and was straight up with me from the beginning. He isn't on me all the time and I like what they're doing there. He's a great coach with a great past, he even wrote a letter to me."

McGhin has a pretty good idea about recruiting and when he wants to commit.

"I have a cousin who played at USF and he told me some tips about recruiting," McGhin said. "He got the majority of his offers during the middle to end of his senior football season. Coaches like my size, but I'm only seventeen so my jump could be this year. Some schools want to see me develop and that could lead to more offers. So right now if I had to say, I'll commit toward the middle or end of my senior season."

The Pirates would have a great pickup if they got McGhin, his size and speed could help out the running game and he could even produce at the tight-end position. For baseball he has an offer from Tallahassee Community college, but football is what he plans on playing. He mentioned that if he were to gain weight it would be tough to play both sports, he believes he could do it, but most coaches probably would think otherwise.

It's still early on for this recruit, but the Pirates have a good chance of getting him. His visit could help even more, and he agreed to get in contact with me after to tell me how it went.

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