ECU Football Media Day: Quotables, Part Two

Here are some more of the most noteworthy quotes from ECU Media Day, including a poll on who the funniest player of the team is and thoughts from Derrell Johnson, wide receiver Justin Hardy, and cornerback Adonis Armstrong.

GREENVILLE -- Following its second practice of fall camp, the East Carolina football team hosted its annual media day on Saturday. Here is our second portion of quotes from the players and coaches.

-- Inside receiver Justin Hardy

Q: You are a preseason All-Conference USA receiver and were recently named to the Biletnikoff Watch List as well. What do these individual accolades mean to you?

A: "I just got to give credit to my team. Without them, I probably wouldn't be able to do any of it. I like to look at it like that."

Q: You are now being looked on to be one of the leaders of the offense. How much of a transition has that been for you?

A: "I try to lead by example and also, they want me to be a little more vocal this year. So, I'm trying that out and really buying into that part of leadership where a lot of guys listen to me and what I got to say and it really helps out."

Q: Since you are on the inside, who do you expect to see emerge at the "X" outside receiver position?

A: "There are a lot of guys at outside receiver. You got Reese Wiggins; he's working both sides at "X" and "X" (outside positions) … You got (John) Worthy behind him. He's got speed, he can jump, he can catch, got big hands, and I really see a lot out of him. You got Lance Ray on the right side at "Z." He's a freak in the weight room, he can run, he can catch, block."

Q: Do you still stay in touch with Lance Lewis and Dwayne Harris, who are both at NFL camps right now?

A: "I talk to those guys all the time. I talk to Lance all the time and when Dwayne comes to town, we hang out. I really stay communicating with those guys."

-- Outside linebacker Derrell Johnson

Q: Last month, you were named onto the Butkus Award Watch List for the first time. What does that national recognition mean to you?

A: "To be honest, the individual accolades don't mean a whole lot, only due to the fact that I've been here for four years and haven't won a championship yet … I feel like I owe it to these guys to at least help these guys get a championship being one of the leaders on the team …and also, help putting this team in a place where people actually believe we're a BCS contender."

Q: A lot of time, the offense gets the lion share of the attention, but is it fair to say that, with the returning starters, that the linebacking corps is the strength of this team?

A: "You can definitely say that. Our secondary gets a lot of criticism, which is fine. Those guys have took that pressure that people have put on them and really responded this offseason … As far as the front-7 goes, we're all in this together. Of course, to have the DB's there all of the time for the front-seven, they make our job easy."

Q: Was defensive coordinator Rick Smith what you expected him to be in the spring and how his philosophy different than Brian Mitchell's?

A: "I heard a lot about Coach Smith, more so about how much of a realist he is. He'll tell you pretty much how it is and that's one of the things I love about Coach Smith. I feel like honesty is key as far as coaching a football team, and you building that bond with each other … If you mess up on a play, for sure, he's going to let you."

Q: Do you set any individual goals for yourself or any statistical marks you want to hit?

A: "Not necessarily stats, I would say … What I will say is each game, I want to affect the quarterback and have as many impact plays as I possibly can have to help my team be better and get closer to our goal, which is winning the championship."

-- Boundary cornerback Adonis Armstrong

Q: What's a summer with strength and conditioning coach Jeff Connors is like?

A: "Just grinding every day, every morning, every evening, and lifting. It's like you lift, (go to) class, sleep. That's basically what you do."

Q: How much of learning experience was last season for the secondary and you, specifically?

A: "I think I gained a lot of experience from playing in all of the games last year in the starting (lineup) … I just have a lot more confidence than last year."

Q: In the spring you said defensive coordinator Rick Smith "scares" you, but overall, has he been all that you set him out to be?

A: "He brings a lot more intensity to the defense and just telling us to go out there and have more fun, and to play every play with a chip on your shoulder."

-- Funniest Player

In an informal setting, I thought Saturday's media day would be a great opportunity to find out who was the funniest player on the team? The results were varied, but were nonetheless interesting.

Shane Carden: "That's hard, we got a lot of characters on this team. I'm sure you guys have all heard some of the stories of Jeremy Grove and his antics. Probably the newest funniest guy on this team has to Bryce Williams. He is one goofy kid."

Jeremy Grove: "Brandon Williams."

Damon Magazu: "I'd probably say Grove. He is always up to something, I mean, just look at him. He's got the long hair, the mustache, he's just a character in everything he does. When there's time to joke around, you can just look at him and start laughing."

Derrell Johnson: "Probably Brandon Williams."

Vintavious Cooper: "Breon (Allen) is the funniest guy on the team, definitely."

Hardy: "We got a lot of characters on the team … Breon (Allen) is funny, (Vintavious) Cooper is funny, Brandon Williams, Zeek (Bigger), but if I had one, I'd say Brandon (Williams)."

Breon Allen: "Me"

Adonis Armstrong: "Ty Holmes"

Quataye Smyre: "There's two people. DaQuan Barnes and Montese Overton."

Detric Allen: "(Breon Allen) is pretty funny." (with Breon staring him down)

Winner: Breon Allen.

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