ECU Football Media Day: Quotables, Part Three

GREENVILLE -- Here are the last of our most noteworthy quotes from ECU Media Day, consisting of conversations with running back Breon Allen, free safety Damon Magazu, linebacker Jeremy Grove and cornerback Detric Allen.

-- Linebacker Jeremy Grove:

Q: You missed the entire spring with a shoulder injury. How is it feeling with less than a month until the season opener?

A: "I'm back, 100 percent. My numbers in the weight room and stuff like that are what they were before my freshman season … I played when my shoulder torn, but it's nice to be 100 percent again."

Q: Is linebacker the deepest part of the team?

A: "Yeah and the (defensive) line too. When we were freshman, at one point, just about everyone in the box were freshman. Having this be our third year playing, it's about time for us to put all of the pieces together."

Q: Did you feel slighted when the names for the Butkus Award Watch List were released and yours wasn't included?

A: "I love it. I hate being the center of attention … I've always been under the radar my whole life, so I love being like that."

Q: What are your thoughts on Jadeveon Clowney's hit against Michigan and ACC coordinator of officials Doug Rhodes' saying he should have been ejected for it?

A: "My thoughts are that I'm going to get a guy down anyway I can get him down. The way they're making the game, changing all of them rules, it doesn't seem like football much anymore. But I'm going to keep playing how we play, and whatever you have to do, you have to do."

-- Running back Breon Allen:

Q: After transferring from Snow College (UT.), how has your first summer at East Carolina?

A: "Coming to ECU has been pretty good, cool transition. I've gotten to hang out with (Vintavious) Cooper a lot because we stay right next to each other. So it's been a good transition."

Q: With Cooper coming back and having rushed for over 1,000 yards last season, what made ECU so appealing for you as a transfer?

A: "Of course, it's obviously football because it's all about football. But I think Coach Ruff and the staff sold me on the family side beyond football. This is going to be the place I'm going to be calling home for a couple years, so I wanted to feel comfortable with that and they made me feel comfortable."

Q: Considering Cooper was in the same position last season, has he given you any advice?

A: "Honestly, we really don't even talk about football that much, but when we do talk about it, he gives me tips about plays, what's expected, and things they probably won't tell me at first so I don't make mistakes."

Q: What are some of your favorite hot-spots on campus?

A: "I haven't really been anywhere yet, so my apartment will actually be the hot-spot.

-- Free safety Damon Magazu:

Q: Are you fully recovered from the back injury that caused you to miss the entire spring session?

A: It's good, it's 100 percent. I went through rehab and slowly got into condition with Coach (Connors) and he did a good job … progressing me in the right direction slowly to make sure everything went smoothly."

Q: Your new defensive coordinator Rick Smith said earlier that he's been trying "to light a fire under" you during camp by giving you some competition. What's the difference between him and your former coordinator: Brian Mitchell?

A: "It's a little different. He does things in a different manner, which I enjoy … I think I fuel myself enough to not need any outside sources. I expect more out of myself than anybody does. There's always going to be competition, no matter who's behind me or ahead of me. Even when you're running with the (first team), you still have competition with yourself and the guy behind you. I know he's trying to light a fire under my butt, but I've done that a long time ago, so it isn't much different."

Q: Your game-clinching interception interception against N.C. State your freshman season is still the play most people associate with you. Now with the Wolfpack back on the schedule, along with Virginia Tech and North Carolina, how important is it for your team to start winning these types of games?

A: "Those games are obviously important for any program. When you have in-state games, I think it's important to prove you're the best in the state. I think we are the best in the state, now we just have to win those games to prove."

Q: This will be your fourth season playing significant time at ECU. Is it fair to say this is the most talented team you've been a part of?

A: Yes, definitely. Not only the most talent, but I think the most closely knit as a family. I think we all get along really well, we all compete well, and we push each other well. There's no difference between anybody."

-- Cornerback Detric Allen:

Q: After not playing too much your first three years at ECU, do you feel like you have waited for your turn and that this is your time to make an impact?

A: "Yeah, I feel like I've waited my turn and it's my opportunity, but I got to work my butt off just to keep where I am at now."

Q: It can be easy for everyone on the outside to predict position battles like the one you're currently in with Josh Hawkins at boundary corner, but what's it like to go through it?

A: "Going through a position battle is tough because every day you want to do what you do best and try your hardest because every play is valuable."

Q: What were your expectations for Smith when he got the job and has he met them in the spring and these first couple days of fall camp?

A: "Rick (Smith) recruited me actually and when I came in actually. As far as (Smith), he's a guy that wants to win and whatever has to be done to win, he's going to do it."

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