ECU - 55 UNC - 31

Post-game quotes from players and coaches after East Carolina's win over UNC Chapel Hill Saturday.

Head coach Ruffin McNeill

Opening statement: It was great to get the win today. It had been a long two weeks for our group. [The] Virginia Tech loss, we took it hard as a football team. After the game I said that was the toughest locker room I've been a part of. The week off, it's always tough after you come up short, so the kids handled it well…we knew the game was on Saturday, we knew we [were going to] play a great football team. Larry [Fedora] does have a good football team. He will get his personality instilled in that team. Larry is a good football coach. But we knew we had to come in here…every day was important, not just today, but we began work Sunday night toward today. The process is the most important thing, understanding that – and this team did it.

On the overall performance: I thought today, up front we did a good job. I thought we played well offensively and defensively. I was very proud of that group. [UNC] did a lot of movement up front defensively. Our offensive line, those guys did a good job. We did a good job of establishing the run with "Tay" [RB Vintavious Cooper]. Obviously, that was good to find balance. I was proud of our team. That's a happy locker room there. This is a big win and again, for the players. If you know me by now, it's about the kids. If the kids win, then the program wins. If the program wins, the university wins.

On what it means to him personally to get a win at UNC: It's a big win, but we needed a win. We felt like we've got a pretty good ball team – a chance to have a pretty good ball team – if we keep improving week-to-week. To get the win was big. Having played in this game, I've been asked about that quite a bit. It's special. And it's always an intense, hard-hitting game. It's good, and again I'm happy for the kids.

Quarterback Shane Carden

On the balance of the offense: It worked. We came out and knew we wanted to be balanced. We wanted to take shots – I thought we did a great job of that and stretching the field. We had [UNC's] defensive backs thinking a little bit. I thought we did a great job running the ball, the offensive line played outstanding. They got up front and played physical; I had plenty of time back there. It all goes to them.

On Cooper touching the ball 53 times: We have a great group of running backs. It was about who was feeling good today. [Cooper] was feeling it and he was well conditioned. The whole game he was running the ball well. On the sidelines I asked him how he was doing and he said "great, how do you feel?" So he was feeling good and we got the win.

On instructing the band during the alma mater after the game: It was something I've always wanted to do and the opportunity presented itself. I went up there and it was an awesome feeling. There are a lot of people that didn't come to this game and weren't expecting us to make that win. We have a great group of fans in the Pirate Nation and this one is for them. Again, not a lot of people thought we could win this one, but it felt great to come out here and do it.

Running back Vintavious Cooper

On the team moving the ball with ease against the Tar Heels: We feel like we can move the ball against anybody. We want to keep that confidence after every game and keep momentum. We want to let our opponents know that we can execute.

On finally getting the win against and ACC opponent: It's a big accomplishment for us and the Pirate Nation. It's for everyone; it's for the alumni, for everyone who's played here, for the fans back at home in Greenville, the coaches who played here and Coach Ruff. They were excited, we were excited, and we definitely wanted to win the game for them.

On the workhorse role he had today running for so many yards without a touchdown: I'm embracing the role. I'm not at all upset with [RB] Chris [Hairston] scoring. I've never been the type of person to be upset about somebody else's glory. I'm all about being a team player. If I have to be the workhorse all the way down the field to give Hairston and Shane [Carden] a five yard touchdown I'm happy to do it. As long as we come out with the ‘W' I'm glad to do it.

On how far the team can carry this momentum: The sky is the limit for our team. We just have to keep working, progress and understand we can beat a lot of people if we play and execute the way we're supposed to on both sides of the ball.

UNC QB Bryn Renner

On why the loss happened: It's a team game. We didn't do our job in the first half by scoring enough points. We only scored ten points and put ourselves in a hole.

On the ability of players this year versus last year: We just aren't scoring enough points. I think we have the caliber athletes that can do it, and I know we can do it. We just have to find something that works and something that clicks and we can't fall off and lose confidence because we have a game coming up next week.

UNC running back A.J. Blue

On how the offense handled the game: I thought our expectations were still the same. I thought we started off a little slow and then we came back and picked it up. We always talk about guys being out, but we always talk about the next man being up so that's what it was in that situation. We just started slow and we had to pick it up.

UNC defensive tackle Tim Jackson

On how the team played today: It's a rough day, but you have to credit ECU, that's a good football team over there. They came out and played hard, we just made some mistakes when it came down to it. We just have to look at the film and see how we can get better.

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