ECU 58, Tulsa 24

Here are some post-game quotes from Coach McNeill, Shane Carden, Justin Hardy, Isaiah Jones and Zeek Bigger.

Coach Ruff on the win

"We're happy to win. Conference games are hard. First of all, what Tulsa was bringing to the table tonight, was just like it was when I came here to East Carolina and followed two back-to-back conference championships. Even though we lost…the championship spirit was still in the Pirates when I arrived.

We knew they'd fight. I liked our team's resiliency and how we were able to come out and stay with it. Even though we had some dull moments, we stayed with it.

Defensively, we played very well. There were some runs in there that got loose, but I thought we played very well. We were not a 24-point defense out there tonight on the field. We preach takeaways, which we did. Defensively, we got some.

I thought we played pretty good pretty good together in spots. Special teams had its moments. We felt and believe we can play better than that. We'll watch and figure that out, but nothing takes away from the win. Nothing takes away from this victory for our team and for East Carolina on homecoming weekend."

Coach Ruff on Zeek Bigger's performance

"I told Zeek…I felt like it was time for him to get some turnovers. He's got great hands and he's a really good athlete." Coach Ruff on Justin Hardy breaking the school record for most touchdown receptions

"I'm proud of Justin…Justin's one of those guys. He's very humble. He'll give credit to anyone else. Shane [Carden] and Justin have become a pretty good combo. I think, with Justin, you won't see any complacency. If anything, you'll see him turn it up a notch. You'll see him practice harder. Practice running routes even sharper. So hats off to Deuce."

Zeek Bigger on how he prepared to force turnovers like Coach Ruff asked

"Really, more film. More watching the wide receiver. More watching the routes and working on my coverage. I've been doing real well on rushing defense. I've been making tackles, but now it's time to take it to the next level and work on my coverage—see what the wide receivers are doing, see what the quarterback is doing."

Zeek Bigger on one thing he could work on to take ECU to the conference championship

"Like I said, my coverage. My zone coverage and my man coverage. Knowing what I have to do with the all the wide receivers that they have out there. Being able to do things like I did today: going in under routes and taking picks and things like that."

Justin Hardy on his chemistry with Isaiah Jones

"Me and Isaiah are roommates. He asks me questions and time he has one. He plays inside receiver, just like me. We basically do the same thing and, basically, he just wants to get better."

Shane Carden on having so many weapons to work with

"There are so many different styles of playmakers on this team. There are so many different styles of receivers and running backs. You have Bryce [Williams] who's 6'7" and can go up and make a big play like that. Hardy and Isaiah are more ball skill guys. You have Lance [Ray], the speedster outside. You have [Cam] Worthy, who made a great play tonight.

The different styles of receiver we have just makes it so much easier. They can't really play us one way. If you take away one thing, we're going to give them something else. I think that just speaks so highly of the skill we have at receiver across the board.

With the running backs, you saw [Vintavious] Cooper. He's done a great job coming out of the backfield and catching the ball. Breon [Allen] steps in tonight and makes a huge play on third down. The ability to give them the ball and space and them making huge plays, it just makes it easy on me."

Shane Carden on the still-growing chemistry between him and Isaiah Jones

"Isaiah just keeps getting better each week. He kind of reminds me of myself last year. I kind of came in and started playing each game and just got better and better. The way he was able to do that, he just understands this offense more and more each week. He understands what I'm looking for. He understands what the defense is giving us and what we want to take. I think we're just going to continue to get better."

Isaiah Jones on his relationship with Justin Hardy

"Big brother, little brother. That's basically how it is. I look up to Justin so much. Not even just his game. Off the field, he's just a great young man in general and I'm proud to play alongside him."

Isaiah Jones on what he did to continue building chemistry with Shane Carden

"[Last week] I made a lot of mistakes. I think we, as a team, can say we still made a lot of mistakes. We went in and corrected those in film. We practiced them all week in practice and just came out here ready to execute. Get that tempo flowing again and just go out there and be the Pirates we know we are."

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