Wolford ready for college ball

Jacksonville (Fla.) Bishop Kenny star quarterback John Wolford wants to make an early impact at the next level.

When you sit and listen to John Wolford talk, you can tell he is wise beyond his years. The Jacksonville (Fla.) Bishop Kenny star quarterback has as much savvy off the field as he does on the field. The owner of state of Florida high school career records in touchdown passes and completions wants to make a quick difference at East Carolina where he is committed.

We caught up with John Wolford two weeks ago when he set the new state records in Florida for career completions a touchdowns, on the way to leading his team to a big win over district foe baker County. The win meant his team was the district champion and would be hosting the first round of the state playoffs that start this weekend.

"We started of slow on offense and continually built," Wolford said following the game. "The defense put us in some good spots and we capitalized. To get the district title against a great team like Baker County… if we would have lost we would have been in a three way shoot out and that would be all messed up. We are excited to get the win, it was a team effort and we will continue to try and get better every day.

As for the records, he has moved by some elite company in a state where high school football may be the very best in the country. He appreciates the records, but knows he has much more to accomplish.

"It is awesome and a testament to all the guys I have played with for all four years," Wolford said. "They have all stepped up for me. I have been able to do a lot of things and to get those records is icing on the cake. It is something when I get older I can tell my kids and all that, but I am more excited to get the win."

As Wolford prepares to play state powerhouse Palatka High School Friday night, Wolford spent some time pondering his future with East Carolina. The Pirates offense is something he feels very comfortable with and ready to compete in.

"They really fit me, the offense fits me," he said with a smile. "They have a bunch of talent there and some pieces. Hopefully I can add to them and make them more dynamic and they can continue to improve. I think they can be a special team with some new recruits and they have a game plan that fits me."

Wolford is a special player and reminds this writer of former Florida Gator Great and NFL veteran Rex Grossman. He's a guy that can sit in the pocket and move his feet effortlessly to get out of trouble, and then throw on the run with ease.

"My expectation is that I want to play," Wolford said of his freshman season at ECU. "There is great talent at every college and it isn't given to you by any means, but I am going to work as hard as I can to play as much as I can because that is what I love. A lot of the offense we run is very similar to what they run."

Wolford said the Pirate coaches told him they like a lot about his game.

"It is a combination of things," he said. "I am accurate. I put the ball in good places. I am athletic and can make plays with my legs. I think I am ahead of the game with the mental part, and the combination of the mental and the athletic is important."

As any savvy football knows, there is always something you can do to get better and Wolford is one of those players that does something new every time you see him that shows he is getting better.

"I think there is always something to work on," he said. "As you move up to each level, the play is faster, your footwork has to be better. You are never perfect in anything and if you ask Peyton Manning what he needs to work on he will say ‘everything'. You have to continue to improve each facet, whether it is a strong suit or a weak point, you have to build on those and get better every opportunity you have." A lot of the offense we run is very similar to what they run. A lot of the offense we run is very similar to what they run. A lot of the offense we run is very similar to what they run.

Spoken like a guy that wants to see the field early in college.

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