Thoughts on a Special Man

It's now officially public. East Carolina baseball coach Keith LeClair is undergoing tests to determine why he has been experiencing a strange weakness in his left arm.

Although still undiagnosed, there is speculation that his symptoms might be the result of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig's disease. LeClair informed his players of the situation on Tuesday night.

Since his arrival in Greenville, Coach LeClair has not only turned the ECU baseball program into a national powerhouse, he has resurged baseball in Greenville. Baseball is a huge deal in Greenville at every level. From little league to the collegiate level, Greenville is a hotbed for baseball and coach LeClair has elevated it to even greater heights.

I stopped by a LeClair camp last year and observed this gentlemen speaking to the kids and even a rabbit dashing across the outfield was not enough to distract them. The kids hinged on his every word. It was apparent that they really looked up to him and wanted to gain all the knowledge possible from him.

Le Clair sports an impressive 169-76 record at ECU, but it's LeClair's personality and dedication to teaching sportsmanship and pride that makes him the outstanding person he is.

All of us here at Crossbones and indeed, the entire Pirate family wish only the best for Keith and his family. Our prayers are with you Coach LeClair. Hang in there and God will help you and your family through this. A lot of people are pulling for you.

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