Calling all Armchair Coaches

Well folks the new season is upon us and it is time to find out who out there is the best at picking the winners of this season's games.

This is the way that the Crossbones faithful can have a little fun in picking the winners to each week's games.  Allen will probably still have his Picks and Bones section, but that will only cover a few choice games each week.

The one I will be running will cover ALL 117 teams (Sorry Sporting News, but there are 117 teams this year) each and every week.  Do not get alarmed.  Each week there will be teams that are either having an open date or are playing a non-Division 1 team.  Those games do not count.  So you will probably be choosing around 40 games a week.

I will be posting the results each Sunday afternoon along with the games scheduled for the next week.  All picks must be e-mailed to me or posted on the message board (I will set up a string on Sunday for each week) by Noon EST on Thursday. If you forget to post the winner of a game, then that will count as a loss.  If you do not get the message posted by Noon EST, then all games that week will be a loss.

For weeks when there are games on Tuesday night (and there is one on a Monday). Those will be picked the week prior, but the results of those games will not be compiled until the end of that week.

For example, on Thursday Oct 4th-Louisville @ TCU, on Saturday Oct 6th ECU @ UNC, on Tuesday Oct 9th Southern Miss @ Army. All games must be in by Noon on Oct 4th. On Sunday, Oct 7th I will post the results of Louisville/TCU and ECU/UNC. The Southern Miss game will be posted on Sunday Oct 14th

If you do not understand then e-mail me at:

I will try to simplify things.

We will only be picking winners, that is all.  No total points or anything like that.  PortCityPirate and myself will be defending the honor of the Crossbones site.  So do your best to try and beat us.

I will be posting this weeks games on Sunday for the upcoming week.

Good Luck to all.

For those that have Microsoft Excel 97 OR MS Works, I can send you the spreadsheets that I have developed for this contest. Be advised that it is a very big file (around 250kb).

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