ECU Reveals New Look

ECU lied out its entire branding initiative Wednesday in conjunction with its "Undaunted" strategic plan, including a new Jolly Roger.

ECU Athletics unveiled its new branding initiative Wednesday in hopes of entering the American Athletic Conference with a more distinguished look.

Director of Athletics Jeff Compher wore a pin with the modified Jolly Roger as he outlined the department's "Undaunted" strategic plan for the next three-to-five years Tuesday. However, defining the Pirates' image has always been a part of the strategy.

"The branding was one of the seven primary strategic areas that we focused on," said Compher. "You can walk around our athletics department, and look at some pictures and you can see some of the various brands that are out there. What we wanted to do was to consolidate our branding efforts and be more consistent in our placement and our usage of brand."

The major differences in the new Jolly Roger are the letters "ECU" across the hat and slight alteration to the skull and crossbones, but Compher says the primary features that have defined ECU for the bulk of the last century will still be a part of the new brand.

"Going back to 1934 … what we found is that every Pirate had a hat, every Pirate had an eye patch, every Pirate had a scar for a bandana and every Pirate had an ear-ring. So we made sure that our Pirate had all those things as well, obviously," he said.

Compher went on to say the branding was designed to bring out the qualities that make the Pirates unique. ECU is the lone university in FBS with the initials "ECU" and the nickname "Pirates." It is also one of three schools with purple and gold as its primary color scheme.

"What we wanted to do is just get something that we felt would be nationally recognized, simple, streamlined and that people would be able to look at it and say ‘that's ECU and they are the Pirates,'" said Compher.

There will be minor changes to the Pirates State of Mind logo that is imprinted at midfield at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium. Also, Compher said you can expect to see the new Jolly Roger on the football helmets this fall.

This initiative will be an on-going process, though. The old brands and logos are going to slowly be replaced over the next six months or so in hopes that ECU's new image will be on full display when the AAC comes calling July 1.

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