Jeff Lebo: Practice Comments

Inside ECU Sports stopped by basketball practice on Wednesday. Here are some comments from head coach Jeff Lebo.

What have you seen out of UTEP?

Their size is something that's unique out of the necessity to play really big guys: 7'1". 6'11", 6'11" and 6'8" at the two guard positions. That's difficult. They've been able to, defensively, take people out of the three-point shot. They're number one in the league with 28 percent three-point defense. They shoot the ball. They're number one in the league in field-goal percentage and number one in the league in field goal percent defense. That's pretty stout. That's going to win some games.

You've had some crazy games at UTEP and they've beaten you the past couple of times. What do you think about them coming here?

Who knows? We've had some odd ones the last two times in here. Last year was the shot at the buzzer where we lose. The one before that was all the technical fouls. Both games were interesting games. Coach [Tim] Floyd does a terrific job. He's a terrific coach. He finds a way to win no matter the circumstance. He's been doing it for a long time at a lot of different levels. They've been erratic at times, but recently here, they've won a ton of close games. They've had five of their first seven at home.

Last week, we talked about Caleb White being your complementary scorer and being consistent. He put together two great games since then.

Two good games. He was aggressive. I think he took 13 shots in both those games. He'll need to do that same here and pretty much every night. He can't be sensitive if he misses a couple. That's just the role he's thrust into. And we need a fourth scorer, too. The last few games, Prince [Williams] has scored the ball more for us. But we've got to get something out of Prince and Antonio [Robinson]. They're not going to get big numbers for us, but if they get six or eight points a night, that will open things up a lot for us.

How much does it help the team to win a game and get a conference win under their belt?

It's big. We're outmanned every game. We've got a lot of pressure on us to make three-point shots. We have to make, I think, 10 every night to have a chance. That's just what we have to do. I played zone the entire game against UAB. I've never done that before. So we've got to hope the other team shoots poorly, too, and we can somehow get the rebound. Our kids have been resilient and that's just where we are. If we don't make that many threes, it's going to be a hard night for us. Our kids have been terrific. They've worked hard and they haven't been pointing fingers, they haven't gotten frustrated.

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