Bucs Add 2016 Commit

East Carolina baseball added a commit in 2016 Bunn (N.C.) ball player Spencer Brickhouse. Inside ECU Sports talked with him about what made him choose the Diamond Bucs.

Spencer Brickhouse become the latest to pledge to East Carolina baseball. The 2016 Bunn (N.C.) ball player committed on July 25 and announced it via Twiter.

Brickhouse had been considering the other in-state schools that were recruiting him—especially an interested Tar Heels corps. However, his relationship with new manager Cliff Godwin and his coaching staff sold him on the Diamond Bucs.

“I was going into my freshman year,” said Brickhouse, who is now a rising junior. “I went to a camp with (former manager) Billy Godwin there. He kind of showed a little bit of interest, but at the time, I was really too young. Then we just kept going and it was like ECU stopped showing interest. I wasn’t considering them just because they weren’t considering me.”

“Then Cliff Godwin came,” Brickhouse continued. “He showed me a lot of consideration. He loved me. He gave me an offer and it was kind of hard to turn down. He’s a great coach. He came in and he saw something in me. I really like the school and everything.”

Brickhouse has had the chance to visit ECU a handful of times. Before committing, he stopped by Greenville and toured the athletic facilities, which stood out to him. He also went to a baseball game a few years back and was in Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium this past season for the Virginia Tech game. The game-day atmosphere and spirit of the fans impressed him, to say the least.

There’s a lot of upside a high school player can see in the coaching staff at ECU. Brickhouse was impressed not only by how kind they were, but also how knowledgeable they are.

“Me and Cliff Godwin, before I committed, we had talked five or six times on the phone,” said Brickhouse. “He’s just a nice and personable guy. He knows a lot about the game of baseball and so does his coaching staff. (Assistant coach and recruiting coordinator) Jeff Palumbo is a nice guy and the rest of the staff is just really cool. I have a feeling that, in the next few years, coach Godwin is going to take that team to Omaha.”

Right now, Brickhouse is coming off of what he feels was a strong season. He was challenged most by the need to make significant adjustments from night to night.

“It went pretty good,” said Brickhouse. “We’re kind of in a weaker conference, so every night is a different night. We have one team that’s really good and one team that’s really bad. It’s an adjustment thing that makes me a better player to adjust every night to the pitching. My coach is amazing and he’s done a great job developing me.”

Among other things, Brickhouse brings versatility to the table. He’s played first base throughout the bulk of his high schools career thus far, but is also confident in his abilities in the outfield and as a catcher.

Brickhouse isn’t looking too far ahead. Right now, he’s focused on what needs to be done heading into his junior season.

“I’m trying to get bigger, get stronger and get faster,” said Brickhouse. “I just want to get better in every aspect of the game and try to make it easier for myself going into each year and get a lot of playing time. I have to go in there and develop myself and kind of start over to try and get a good foundation.”

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