AAC Announces Football Opponents for 2015-18

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Commissioner Mike Aresco has announced the schedule format for the 2015-18 American Athletic Conference football seasons.

The 2015 season will be the first in The American's new 12-team, two-division format. The American Athletic Conference East Division will include UCF, Cincinnati, UConn, East Carolina, USF and Temple. The West Division will consist of Houston, Memphis, Navy, SMU, Tulane and Tulsa.

The conference schedule will include 48 regular-season games that will have each of the 12 teams in The American playing eight league contests annually. Each team will face the other five teams in its own division, as well as three teams from the other division, ensuring that each school will play every conference opponent at home and on the road at least once in the four-year cycle.

The East and West division winners, determined by final conference record, will meet in the first American Athletic Conference Football Championship Game, which will be played at the home site of one of the division winners.

"This format is a sensible and fair model that will protect traditional rivalries and allow each school to travel across our geographic footprint on a regular basis," said Aresco. "It will make for an exciting and extremely competitive regular season, adding to the drama which annually makes the college football regular season the best in all of sports, and it will produce two strong and tested teams who will then compete in our inaugural conference championship game."

The American Athletic Conference has enjoyed widespread success since its inaugural season in 2013. The conference produced two 12-win teams in 2013, including UCF, which won the Fiesta Bowl, and saw UCF, Cincinnati and Memphis tie for the conference title in 2014. Five American Athletic Conference teams – UCF, Cincinnati, East Carolina, Houston and Memphis – will play in the 2014 postseason. Navy, which joins The American in football in 2015, also will play in a bowl game this season.

Here are East Carolina’s opponents for the next four seasons:

2015 season

Home opponents: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulsa

Away: UCF, UConn, Navy, SMU

Does Not Play: Houston, Memphis, Tulane

2016 season

Home opponents: UCF, UConn, Navy, SMU

Away: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulsa

Does Not Play: Houston, Memphis, Tulane

2017 season

Home opponents: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulane

Away: UCF, UConn, Houston, Memphis

Does Not Play: Navy, SMU, Tulsa

2018 season

Home opponents: UCF, UConn, Houston, Memphis

Away: Cincinnati, USF, Temple, Tulane

Does Not Play: Navy, SMU, Tulsa

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