Shane Carden Combine Q&A

Former ECU quarterback Shane Carden spoke with Inside ECU Sports about his workout at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Shane Carden was one of the throwing quarterbacks at last week’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis.

For about a week, the former East Carolina record-breaking signal caller was on the field turf inside massive Lucas Oil Stadium, the home of the Colts, with all of the top draft prospects and spoke with Inside ECU Sports following his workout.

Here are the transcribed quotes of the conversation:

How did you feel the workout went?

“I thought it went well. I missed a couple throws that I would have liked to have made, but that’s part of the deal when you’re throwing to receivers that you’ve got to judge differently since you’ve never thrown to them. You’re not going to be perfect out there, so you just need to make the next throw and stay confident in what you’re doing. I thought I did that, so I felt good about it.”

Did throwing alongside some of the nation’s best quarterback prospects make you feel more confident about where you’re at as you move forward in the draft process?

"I was in the second group, throwing next to (UCLA’s) Brett Hundley and a couple other quarterbacks. I felt good and I feel confident in what I’m doing right now. I definitely feel like I can hang with these guys and I feel confident with what I’m doing, and I look forward to making some team very happy.”

What concerns do NFL scouts have with your game that they brought up to you in your interviews last week?

“I think there is a big concern with the offense that we had. The reason was our ECU offense was thought of being a one-read offense as some no-huddle systems are, but that couldn’t be more from the truth. Lincoln Riley’s offense is complex, its passes are built off basic principles, but it’s far from a one-read offense. The teams that are looking at me need to understand that balance gets put into our offense and how much of freedom and responsibility I have — making reads, checks at the line — in the offense. I was asked a lot about it and I had a good time explaining the ECU offense I ran. I explained that the offense I was put in was not pro style, but I was able to master the offense. I feel confident that whatever offense or system I get put into that I’ll be able to master as well.”

How comfortable are you taking snaps under center now that you’ve done it at the Senior Bowl and the combine?

“Obviously, that’s a big focus because I haven’t been able to do it a lot over the last five years, so yeah, it’s been a big focus in training. I’m really comfortable doing it, I worked on it for a week and a half before I got to the Senior Bowl and I felt it down there; and just continued to grow and get better at it. I’ve got work to improve in many areas and that is definitely the area I want to keep improving in and become more and more consistent with. I’ll continue to do that.”

Have you had that moment where you proved to NFL scouts or critics of the ECU offense that what you ran is not much different than the principles of a pro-style offense?

“A little bit at the Senior Bowl. I was down there and learned a pro-style offense. I was able to talk about that ... and talk about the same offense that I’ve learned down at the combine meetings. At the end of the day it’s football. It’s just different verbiage and a little different way of saying and doing things. There are a lot of concepts and the plays that are the same thing.”

Your pro day at ECU is scheduled for March 24. What are some of the most important areas you’d like to improve on from your workouts at the Senior Bowl and the combine leading up to that day?

“Just getting more consistent and being great with my feet under center and the drops. I was working with Chris Weinke ... and talked about that with Vinny Testaverde. (Testaverde is) going to come down and we’re going to put a plan together. We’re going to ... have a great buildup to have great day at pro day.”

Did it make you any more comfortable at the combine being joined by two of your ECU receivers, Justin Hardy and Cam Worthy.

“Yeah, it’s always awesome to see those guys. Obviously, we’ve been through a lot together. To share that experience with those guys was something special. We’ve been watching the combine for so long and to actually to be there and be doing the drills — and having not only your teammates, but your best friends there with you doing the same thing — it’s just been an experience and something I’ll always remember.”

Growing up, every kid dreams of being a professional football player and being a part of the draft process at the Senior Bowl and the combine. How close are your expectations going into the process to actual reality?

“It’s been fun. I just talked about the experience of going to the combine and thinking of all the players, coaches and everything that has been there over the years, it’s just been a fun experience for me. That’s why everyone keeps telling me to enjoy the experience because it really is a once-in-a-lifetime type of deal. There are points where you got to drive, and you got to focus in and you’ve got to work your ass off, but at the same time, have fun with it. It’s football and it’s supposed to be fun. We’ve been grinding with these workouts and we’ll continue to do that.”

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