ECU Football Media Day Offensive Quotables

Inside ECU Sports caught up with ECU players and coaches during the Pirates' Media Day. Below are conversations with Dave Nichol, Isaiah Jones, Chris Hairston and Kurt Benkert.

Offensive Coordinator Dave Nichol

On developing a new quarterback — “I think early on it’ll be more of a coach led offense. Everyone one of them in the quart back group has the ability and they’ve done it before. The other players are just like cows, you’re still leading them around even if you’re younger than everybody else you still have to herd them in the right direction.”

On adding a personal touch to the offense — “Coach Ruff is pretty good about giving us freedom but if the new wrinkles are awful every day at practice he’ll probably cut off some of the freedom. There will probably be a few new wrinkles added that go along with our philosophy but we will probably look pretty similar to the naked eye in the first game. This is the time of the year where we kind of throw it up there and see if it sticks.”

On the biggest challenge this season — “That’ll kind of manifest itself in the next three weeks. Each year every offense has a different personality and I think that would have happened this year even any of the ten other guys were the coordinator. Losing key guys it will naturally happen so it’ll play itself out but will definitely be different in some ways this season.”

Junior wide receiver Isaiah Jones

On receiving preseason recognitions — “It’s been great but I think it’s even better that it’s recognition for our school, East Carolina. It came through me but it’s really for this university to get more recognition and it’s well deserving. We have a lot of great guys who are just as deserving as me but probably won’t get all of the recognition but still have unbelievable talent.”

On the family atmosphere at ECU — “It means everything to me. It’s one of the reasons why I’m here. I think a lot times during recruiting a coach will sell to you that the school is a family but at the end of the day they will just get what they can out of you and push you to the side but here it’s not like that. Coach Ruff genuinely cares about his players, his team and the brotherhood here.”

On the transition to a new offense — Not much has changed, there’s a few new wrinkles. I was here with Dave Nichol for two years already so I know his personality and who he is so there wasn’t much to learn from that aspect. He’s pushing us really hard and whoever wins the starting quarterback job I will be behind 100-percent.”

Senior running back Chris Hairston

On team goals for this season — “Our goal is to just be the best we can be, we are the only team that can beat ourselves so were not worried about who were playing because that doesn’t matter. We are just focused on one goal which is the conference championship for us.”

Sophomore quarterback Kurt Benkert

On playing with proven teammates — “If you look upfront we have a lot of guys that have experience and it takes a lot of weight off anybody that goes back there rather it’s me, running backs or other quarterbacks it doesn’t matter. With the receivers, we have a lot of proven guys and a lot of younger guys with a lot talent so it’s definitely going to be a fun year to play in this offense.”

On becoming a leader this season — “ I feel like when I got here I did a lot with working out and all of that other stuff, trying to be around the guys a lot and keep things going since I got here. So all of that has really helped prepare me for this camp and try to get everybody on the same page as me.”

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