Purvis Values Atmosphere at ECU

2016 local linebacker Raequan Purvis is working hard this off-season in hopes to receive an ECU offer.

With the summer coming to a close, 2016 recruit Raequan Purvis heads into his senior season with one official offer on the table. The lone offer came just two months ago in June from Norfolk State.

While the 6-foot-2, 240-pound versatile linebacker only holds that one official offer, there are other schools recruiting him that could extend an offer at any time. Outside of Norfolk State, Purvis is interested in Appalachian State, Campbell, East Carolina, Old Dominion and North Carolina State. Purvis hopes to make at least one more visit to each of the schools before he makes his final decision.

“The recruiting process has been really hectic with everyone wanting you to go their camps to showcase your talents and all of the camps have been around the same date, but I’ve been trying my best to make as many camps as possible,” explained Purvis. “My main thing was to try and get in front of the right people. I was really working hard this summer.”

Purvis attends Plymouth High School (NC) just an hour away from ECU’s campus. The linebacker has had the opportunity to attend many ECU football games over the years. Purvis noted that there is no atmosphere at any other school on his list quite like the atmosphere at ECU.

For the past two summers Purvis has attended ECU’s prospect camp and this year Purvis felt like he improved dramatically.

“It was great, I really saw a lot of improvement in myself and I was really satisfied,” Purvis said. “I improved a whole lot, brought my 40-yard dash time down and I think I could possibly see myself at East Carolina.”

Having the chance to see the ECU defense operate over the years, Purvis feels like his skillset could fit in perfectly.

“Their defensive scheme is awesome,” Purvis explained. “They have a lot of hybrids in their defense and I feel like I could be a real attribute to that because I’ve played different positions on defense at defensive end and at all the linebacker spots so I figure that is a great atmosphere for me to play in.”

The rising senior has put together a list of factors that he will look at when it comes time to make a final decision.

First for Purvis is education, hoping to major in Political science and possibly attend law school, finding a school that can fill that need is key. Second Purvis would like to find somewhere that feels like home, somewhere where even if he had to redshirt for a year he would still love the school and feel at home.

Another factor for Purvis is proximity. While Purvis said that staying in the same area code would be a huge plus, he does not mind considering other schools in North Carolina or in other states.

Playing at the 1A high school level Purvis has felt like he had to find something that can separate himself from the competition in his recruiting process.

“Right now my biggest thing would be to have a lot more big plays,” Purvis explained “My coach stressed to me that coming from a small school I had to show that I can dominate my division. With the pre-conference games that are on our schedule this year I will show these college coaches that I can play on that level.”

Playing at a smaller school Purvis has had many different opportunities that some big time recruits, from bigger schools, do not get to have. Purvis plays on both sides of the ball at tight end on offense and at linebacker on defense but is being recruited solely as a linebacker. When asked if he felt like playing at a smaller school has helped or hurt Purvis said this.

“It’s kind of a neutral feeling, we are a powerhouse in the 1A level but as you venture off into the recruiting process more there’s people that do the same things I do that’s playing at the 4 or 5A level and it’s hard to compete with them when they are all from Florida or Texas that produce some of the best athletes in the country.”

Purvis went on to talk about another separating factor that he believes should help his recruiting in the long run.

“My goal is to not let anyone outwork me and I have the work ethic where no one will. I’m just hungry for it all, I’m going to go out there and prove that I’m one of the top players in the country.”

Last season as a junior Purvis recorded 146 tackles, three forced fumbles, one fumble recovery for a touchdown, one interception and was named the Defensive Player of the 2014 State Championship.

“The recruiting process has been awesome. Everybody doesn’t get to have these opportunities in life. There’s a lot of people who want to be in this position but aren’t blessed with my size or passion to play. I just really thank God, it’s really all a blessing.”

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