Williams holds ECU in Top Five

2016 point guard Shawn Williams has ECU in his top five of the 16 offers he has received. IES spoke with him about his recruiting process.

Shawn Williams out of Southwest Christian Academy (Maumelle, AR), has caught the attention of recruiters with his ability to shoot the ball from anywhere on the court, but he is more than just a shooter. Williams has brought in a total of 16 offers so far including an offer from East Carolina that he received while he was in Dallas.

Williams’s gifted shooting ability has shinned and has certainly made him a more valuable recruit but he had to prove he was a consistent shooter before it could fully shine on the court. When he first got to Southwest Christian Academy he had to prove to his coaches that he could shoot the ball whenever it was in his hands. In his first game Williams recorded six 3-pointers. After that game his coaches gave him the green light.

“When I first when to Southwest Christian I didn’t have the green light. So one game I hit six 3-pointers.” He then asked his coach, “You know I can shoot?”

Shooting isn’t the only skills the 6-foot-2 guard has. He also listed his athleticism and defense as his strengths on the court. Although he can hit perimeter shoots, Williams also can find ways to get to the rim.

“Yes shooting, but I also think my athleticism too. I can get to the hole or wherever I need to go and my defense is good too,” Williams said.

In his last game with DC Thunder, Williams was told that he was going to receive an offer from ECU. Even though Williams has a total of 16 offers, he has already narrowed it down to five. His top five schools are Arizona State, ECU, Rhode Island, Southeast Missouri and Tulsa.

When looking at schools Williams would like to choose a school that he will have close relationship with a coaching staff, which is also one of the reasons he has ECU as one of his top schools. Williams said that he has a great relationship with ECU’s assistant coach Michael Perry and talks to Perry every day.

Williams has always dreamed of becoming a highly recruited basketball player coming out of high school. When the offers started coming in, he was overwhelmed by the number of coaches and scouts contacting him.

“I always wished to become a top recruit and talent,” he explained. “Now that it has actually happened, coaches and scouts and all this stuff coming at me, it’s been crazy.”

Williams is not going to rush his decision and will make a decision whenever he feels that he is ready. He is scheduled to visit ECU September 4th.

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