2017 Quarterback Talks ECU Offer

Class of 2017 quarterback Alex Faniel currently holds four official offers. IES caught up Faniel to talk about his recruiting process and more.

Class of 2017 recruit Alex Faniel is looking for a breakout year this season at Glen Allen High School (Va.) after missing the majority of last season with an injury. Faniel currently holds offers from East Carolina, North Carolina State, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

While only four schools have officially offered the 6-foot-5, 221-pound quarterback there are many other schools in the conversation such as Clemson, Duke, Michigan State and South Carolina.

Faniel is gaining ground quickly in his recruiting process but still has two more seasons left in high school in which he plans to use to balance all the schools out and take each and every program into consideration.

“The recruiting process for anyone is an extreme blessing to go through and were truly blessed to have the opportunities to continue our career at the next level,” explained Faniel. “But my process has been kind of on and off right now because I did suffer an injury in late May so I wasn’t able to camp and go to as many places as I wanted. I have still been keeping in contact with coaches. The process is going pretty well and I’ve been very busy but I hope it continues.”

ECU offered Faniel just months ago in May when offensive line coach Brad Davis told the quarterback, “If you want to throw the ball more than anyone else in the country, come to ECU.”

Faniel was able to look back and see that ECU put that statement to life last season when he saw the Pirates take on Virginia Tech where former ECU quarterback Shane Carden threw for 427-yards and three touchdowns.

“That really opened up my eyes as a quarterback who wants to throw the ball,” Faniel said. “It opened eyes about the program and that they have such a strong fan base out there. I still haven’t been able to visit the campus yet, but I definitely will be taking a visit there soon so I’ll be able to get more information and meet all the coaches and see the facilities and everything there is love to about ECU.”

While trying to stay as open as possible to all schools recruiting him, Faniel rates his current interest without a visit as a six or six-and-a-half.

The competitive natured signal caller said that some of his strengths are his size and his arm strength. While naming those Faniel felt that more importantly he hates losing more than he loves winning and he has a strong mental game on the field. While many of those strengths fit well at all programs, Faniel believes ECU could be one of the best fits.

“All of the strengths that I mentioned would fit in perfectly at ECU,” explained Faniel. “They like to throw the ball 50-60 times a game and I’m up for that challenge. Obliviously nobody wants to lose so the no losing mentality definitely plays into that school as well. I feel like it’s going to be a good school for me, everything fits the criteria. There on the come up, there not in the shadows of any other school in their state. It’s really a great school and I can’t wait to get on campus.”

With two years left of high school at Glen Allen the rising junior has begun to think about the different factors that will go into his decision making process. Faniel said that he see’s recruits get caught up in how many offers, the flash of the school and how big time of a school it is but says that doesn’t faze him. Faniel likes to think back on saying that his dad has always told him while he goes through his recruiting process, “Why be a fish in the ocean when you can be a shark in the pond.”

“It’s definitely going to come down to education,” Faniel said first. “Who’s staff I like and can relate with the most, what kind of fit the program is for me and then it just comes down to who needs me the most, not just who wants me but who really needs me.”

The rising junior hopes that his process will continue to grow over the next two years and he will find that perfect fit in a program. Faniel hopes to makes his official decision after his junior year is over and before his senior season of football begins.

“The process is really a blessing and a lot of people take it for granted trying to get all the offers in the country but it really only takes one because for somebody to have belief in you that they are willing to play for your education to play football for them, I feel like that speaks volumes and I’m just extremely blessed and I thank God every day for being able to showcase my talents and play for him on the field.

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