2017 Quarterback Hopes for ECU Offer

2017 Wakefield high school (Raleigh, NC) quarterback Matt McKay has been talking to four schools from North Carolina, including ECU. IES spoke with him about his recruiting process.

Matt McKay is a quarterback from Wakefield high school (Raleigh, NC) and has gotten the attention of four major schools in North Carolina. McKay is taking a good look at N.C. State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, and East Carolina.

The 6-foot-3 junior quarterback has been able to observe all four schools by attending camps. McKay attended a quarterback camp at North Carolina and Fedora’s Freak Show camp. At an ECU camp, McKay talked to offensive coordinator Dave Nichol and liked what he heard. McKay also was impressed with how the coaching staff treated him like family.

McKay threw for 2,206 yards and 22 touchdowns and also rushed for more than 300 yards, including five rushing touchdowns. His strong arm allows him to make throws downfield and dissect defenses from the pocket.

“I’m a pocket passer,” he said. “I run only when I need too. If everything breaks down and I have to make a play, I got to do what I have to.”

McKay is originally from New York, but coming to North Carolina he was able to watch football games in the Carolina and loved it. For him this made the recruiting process that much more special.

“It’s been fun watching all these schools and the competitiveness. Also how ECU plays is nice and getting recruited by them is like a dream come true,” he said.

That dream will continue to be worked on in his last two years in high school. McKay noted that his strong arm an ability to find an open receivers and his movement in the pocket were his strengths.

McKay is also aware that he can also improve more the next two years. He wants to improve on his decision making, which includes protecting his body and getting everyone involved.

“Definitely making smarter plays,” he said, “Knowing when to run out of bounds and slide before taking a hit. Spreading the ball around too and finding a way to work with everyone.”

Academics is one of many factors McKay values when looking at a school. McKay wants to go to a school with a good environment and with good coaches.

McKay has not received any offers yet but is planning to visit each school during the fall.

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