ECU Postgame Quotables

Following the first loss of the season ECU players and head coach Ruffin McNeill spoke to the media, read some quotes from the press conference here.

Head coach Ruffin McNeill

Opening statement: “(That was a) a tough one to lose on the road. Got to give credit to Mac (McElwain) and his team. Watching film last week you could tell with Coach Mac and the great staff that the put their faith in him. Our group, our staff, our players, a lot of teams would have folded. We don’t do that here, we never stop fighting. We are never going to surrender here. We fought and we just ran out of time. I believe in them that much. We come across a really great football team in a really hostile environment.”

On reaction to team’s performance: “I knew after last week we had to not just make our routine plays, but make routine competitive plays. The last part we talk about was how many consecutive plays we can execute. From my eye, I saw it done quite a few times. I thought we did a lot of positive things. We’re learning…”

On team effort: “I thought our defense showed themselves all night long. Just time and time again, we talk about play the next play. I thought and I know everyone was doing their job and they were doing it well, good and great. All three. Maybe not to the naked eye, but I saw us do our job. I ask us not to hurt ourselves but to help ourselves.

Junior Quarterback Blake Kemp

On team’s mentality: “We’ve got a tough team. We didn’t quit until the last minute, literally, until there were zero seconds on the clock. And for that, I’m proud of this team.”

On settling into his first road game: “It wasn’t a big deal. We practiced with the crowd noise all week.”

Junior wide receiver Isaiah Jones

On the second half: “We made no adjustments, we just picked up the intensity and stayed positive. We stayed with our game plan and just kept rolling.”

On playing in the swamp: “It’s safe to say we’ve played in a lot of different environments just as loud so it was easy to transition into.”

Senior Linebacker Zeek Bigger

On making adjustments from the bowl game: “No differently at all. We played them just like we played them last year. That’s the offense and that’s what they ran, did the same exact thing and nothing changed. We just came out and played Pirate football.”

On emotions after the game: “It hurt, it does I won’t even put that behind and say it didn’t but it also feels good when you go out there and fight till the last. No one gave us a chance, not one, I don’t know what you thought the score would be or how you thought it was but we had our chance and go to overtime but it slipped away from us.”

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