Post-Game Navy Quotables

Take a look at what ECU players and coaches had to say about Navy, following the team's 45-21 loss.

Head coach Ruffin McNeill

ON THE SECOND HALF PERFORMANCE: “In the second half, we knew we had to value every possession offensively. We had some opportunities there to feed off of some of the defenses’ stops, especially when it was 28-14. We didn’t execute and follow through, therefore we fell behind against a team that’s going to posses the ball and own possession time.”

ON SECOND HALF TURNOVERS: “We made the stops on defense that we asked. On my notes I had ‘value each possession offensively and be ready to deal with adversity.’ We needed to get some points at the end of each possession and avoid turnovers. (The turnovers) set us back a little but.”

ON THE SKILL PLAYERS: “I thought Bryce (Williams) played like a man-child. So did (Isaiah Jones). I thought Chris Hairston ran tough and battled. We’d still like to get the run game going a little more.”

ON Blake Kemp’S PERFORMANCE: “He takes losses hard. He’s not pointing the finger at anybody. He’s not whining or looking for excuses. I thought he pressed a little bit towards the end but he’ll learn from it. I’ve been pleased with him and how he’s handled the position of quarterback. Two people will get too much credit when we win and take too much blame when we lose; myself and the quarterback. He’ll shoulder it.”

ON Keenan Reynolds: “He’s the most experienced quarterback in this conference. He allows them to expand the offense whether in the option game or the passing game. This offense sees every type of defense thrown at it, so having a quarterback that can handle the adjustments is big. You can tell he’s been there, he’s tough and he took some big hits but he’s a fine leader of the team. I see the team looking up to him like (former quarterback) Shane Carden. He was the quarterback of not only our offense, but of our team. You see Keenan doing that as well.”

Junior quarterback Blake Kemp

ON EMOTIONS FOLLOWING THE GAME: “It’s frustrating. We had some opportunities offensively. We didn’t capitalize. We make some mistakes sometimes but when you play a good team like Navy it’s going to hurt. We didn’t score enough and that’s on us. We need to do a better job next week. We knew that going into this game we’d have to capitalize on all of our possessions because they don’t make mistakes and we just didn’t tonight.”

ON THE LACK OF RUN GAME: “Yeah it is what it is. We’ve got to move the ball and do whatever it takes. If we have to throw to do it then we have to throw to do it. If we have to run to do it then that’s what we’re going to do. We didn’t do it tonight.”

Senior tight end Bryce Williams

ON FAILING TO FINISH DRIVES: “If you can’t move the ball and score touchdowns then you can’t win the game. So I guess it’s an execution thing and it hurt us. What we saw on film is what we got.”

Senior linebacker Montese Overton

ON NAVY’S OFFENSE: “I mean the triple option is pretty tough. They executed better than us. We didn’t come out like we were supposed to. We thought we had a pretty game plan going into the game but you have to adjust when you play anybody. It came down to executing.”

ON KEENAN REYNOLDS “He’s faster than he looked on film but at the end of the day it’s all about taking good angles. That’s what we tried to do but we didn’t take good angles.”

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