Post-Game Virginia Tech Quotables

Take a look at what ECU players and head coach Ruffin McNeill had to say following ECU's 35-28 win over Virginia Tech.

Ruffin McNeil:

On bouncing back – “Two tough losses on the road, down 14-to-nothing early and they didn't flinch,the coaches didn't flinch. I was proud of the staff, handled adversity and just like life they did a great job bouncing back.”

On James Summers – “You have to be patient with everyone. James (Summers) was thinking wide receiver for a whole year. We took our time and got him ready in practice. He was told a week after Benkurt got hurt so I was proud of the way that he grasped the offense.”

On never giving up – “We started that six years ago. You cant start that overnight, it's ingrained in them and will never quit, never surrender, never give up as long as I am here and the staff I have is here. That's never a question in my mind.”

James Summers:

On the feeling after the first win – It feels really good. I'm so appreciative of all the guys around me, they've really helped me with this and I didn't do anything spectacular. I went out there and ran the plays and the offensive line blocked, the running back, Isaiah (Jones) caught a couple big balls, it's all a group thing. I'm glad to be apart of it.”

On the journey so far – “I've got to keep going, things happen in life and just like Ruff tells me all the time that I have to fight adversity. Everybody lives their life, it's all about how you respond when you get knocked down.”

Blake Kemp:

On Getting back to an even record – “It's big for momentum and team confidence. Going into conference play next week is really what matters. Our goals are still the same to win the conference and we're excited for next week.”

Zeek Bigger:

On the defense – “ We were just doing our assignments, playing hard and being physical...We give it all our effort and everyone knew what to do and when to do it. I figured that out this morning at walk through this morning, everyone was so on their keys and assignments that it really didn't make any sense.”

On beating an ACC team for the fifth straight time – “It means a lot to me. A lot of those teams didn't choose me but other than that it is what it is, I'm a Pirate and we learn how to pull out wins and we work hard each and every day and beating an ACC team is what we want to do. We want to show them that were a contender and we can play with anybody.”

Isaiah Jones:

On James Summers – “James (Summers) is a great player, he's a play maker. James was highly recruited coming out of high school, we know what he can do and what he brings to the table. I'm most proud of how he stayed patient and most people would get antsy and point fingers and ask why he wasn't playing but he didn't do that.”

On not matching up with Kendall Fuller – “It hurt a lot because I really wanted to see where I matched up. I have a lot of respect for them. But that's just the way it happened, we were able to win tonight. Its not about me and the match-ups and stuff like that, it's about this team and i'm really proud of this team.”

On Trevon Brown's Impact – “ Trevon (Brown) is a play-maker and you have to respect his game so having him back tremendously helped. I don't know if they knew he was coming back ultimately it doesn't matter but when you see “88” on the field you have to respect that man.”

Trevon Brown:

On being back – “It's just amazing. Being out there with my team, that first game I came out there and I was sad and hurt because I know hurt the team by not being out there. When I'm out there I help the team because we're better.”

On first catch – “When I had my first catch it was like alright now I got the jitters out of the way so then it was just play for my team and when the ball comes to me, make the play.

On playing with two quarterbacks – “Their both great quarterbacks. Big Kurt (Benkurt) got hurt, we love Kurt. Blake (Kemp) throws the ball and he can run the ball but we would rather have James (Summers) running the ball because he came in as a receiver more as holding onto the ball but I like them both. They both can throw the ball, run and their both leaders to our team.”

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