DeBose Enjoys His Time in Greenville

2017 defensive end Zion DeBose was in Greenville for the game against Virginia Tech. DeBose spoke with IES about his trip and an update on his recruiting process

Zion DeBose from North Rowan High School (Spencer, NC) attended East Carolina’s game against Virginia Tech. The visit was unofficial, but the defensive end enjoyed his time in Greenville.

DeBose has not gotten any new offers, but is now getting some interest from Virginia, South Carolina, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Virginia Tech and Florida State. He hopes to go to a game for each school and is planning to go to the Clemson and Notre Dame game this weekend. ECU was the first game that DeBose has gone too.

DeBose is in the middle of his junior season and has felt good so far this season. He took time this past weekend to go to Greenville and liked the atmosphere at the game, except for the rain.

“It was pretty good, besides getting rained on,” said DeBose. “But it was alright. I liked the atmosphere and I heard it was sold out. From the looks of it you would think it was a sold out game.”

He was impressed with the fans dedication to stay at the game even with the rain, but on the field he was impressed with the performance on the field. Talking to outside linebackers coach Duane Price, DeBose told him that he liked the swagger of the defense.

“They look like they’re some real dedicated fans,” said DeBose. “Even throughout the rain, they kept supporting the team. I talked to coach Price the next day and I told him that I liked how to team works and I liked how they finish. I also liked how they come together and didn’t give up. There were times things didn’t go as planned and looked a little rough but they overcame it kept fighting and I liked that.”

Academics are still important to DeBose and has been researching schools more. ECU has the major he is looking for but wants to look into the success rate of the program. He will look into the program more the summer before his senior year.

Before his senior season DeBose will sit down and see if he can gather more offers. Then going into his senior year he will be in the process of making a decision.

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