Post-Game Tulsa Quotables

Take a look at what ECU players and head coach Ruffin McNeill had to say following ECU's 30-17 win over Tulsa.

Ruffin McNeill

Opening statement: “This team has gone through six tough first half season games. They’ve learned a lot about themselves. One thing in coaching is that each team progresses differently, each team gets better differently. This team has gotten better versus tough opponents and adversity.”

On the win: “I though as a team we played well. I’m proud of the way the team played, there’s different ways and it takes an entire team and all four parts; our sideline, offense, defense and special teams. The defense was playing against a very talented offense and will face that the rest of the year.”

On quarterback play: “I like the way that both of the guys handle the position. James watches Blake and learns from Blake and Blake was watching James the entire time. They do a great job of supporting one another and I was proud of the way they both played.”

On Ray Tillman: “We love ray. I call him a Cobra, he can hit, on film he’s one of the hardest hitters I’ve seen in a long time. With Ray he’s getting confident in his assignment, we kept seeing him pick it up a little better. He’s been waiting for his time and I was proud of that. Ray’s a very versatile player, he plays on all special teams and really has a knack to right before contact, strike.”

On the short week: “Tomorrow will be normal, the 24-hour rule and then Monday will be a combination of install day and a Wednesday. Then Tuesday will be a smart day, almost like a helmet and jersey day to keep them fresh. Will have to get our work in but we’ve been preparing for this since last summer…”

James Summers

On playing time at quarterback: “I don’t think there’s ever a script for that. We wait on coach, we both just have to be ready whenever coach calls our name.”

On knowledge of the playbook: “It’s going up every week. I can’t tell you exactly where it’s at because I feel comfortable period. But I do like to scramble so sometimes I get uncomfortable and get out of the pocket but as far as being comfortable I am very comfortable.”

On having two straight home games: “It helps a lot with the rest part, that’s a huge thing. I’m excited for this next game.”

Blake Kemp

On playing time at quarterback: “There’s not really a script we just kind of go with whatever coach tells us to do and when he says go in we’re ready to go and just cheer the other guy on and pay attention.”

On finding a rhythm in game: “Not too much, the biggest thing is just staying mentally locked in on the sidelines because even if you’re not in you have to pay attention and see where their coverages are rolling too, what kind of blitzes their bringing so the biggest thing is just mentally staying locked in.”

On getting win number four: “When you win the coaches are happy and when the coaches are happy everything goes better so this week will go by better and will be ready to get back to work.”

Josh Hawkins

On his interception returned for a touchdown: “That one definitely ranks up there. That was my first pick-six in my college career so I’m really humbled and blessed by that situation…I read the quarterback well and he threw it and I just made a play on it and I’m glad my guys were there to help me make the pick-six finally come through for me.”

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