Commits Comment on Adidas Deal

Three class of 2016 recruits, from three major sports, that are committed to East Carolina give their opinion on the ECU's newest contract with Adidas.

Yesterday afternoon East Carolina announced a 10-year, $16.5 million dollar deal with Adidas. The deal will officially take action in July of 2016. Class of 2016 recruits, from all three major sports that have already committed to ECU, give their thoughts on the new contract.

All the details on the new deal can be found by following the link here:

Football: Emmanuel Jones

Class of 2016 recruit Emmanuel Jones from Asheboro High School (Asheboro, NC) committed to ECU last July. The 6-foot-2, 180-pound gives his thoughts on the switch from Nike to Adidas.

First Thoughts

 “Wearing Adidas next year will be a big thing because Adidas has a lot of good stuff, pretty good sponsors and some pretty hot uniforms.”

On the variety of uniform styles Adidas brings

“I actually like it. I want to see what the all black uniforms look like in Adidas.

Any preference on wearing a brand

“I wear Nike right now but I have some Adidas cleats right now. I feel like I can really fit into Adidas cleats. I feel just as comfortable as when I play in the Nike gear.”


Basketball: Elijah Hughes

Class of 2016 commit Elijah Hughes of South Kent High School (South Kent, CT) committed to ECU this past summer. The 6-foot-6, 210-pound shooting guard is excited about getting on campus next year. His thoughts on the new deal are below.

First Thoughts

“It’s a really good deal, I was more of a Nike guy but I deal with Adidas and I’m fine with that. I’m just going to come in and bring wins no matter what brand I am wearing.”

On a certain comfort with any brand right now

“I like their uniforms a lot. Miami just got with Adidas and they have pretty nice uniforms. There’s a lot of other schools that are now Adidas and I do like their uniforms a lot.”

On the variety of uniform styles Adidas brings

“It definitely nice to have. To me if you look good then you play good, that’s just me.”


Baseball: Spencer Brickhouse

Class of 2016 first baseman Spencer Brickhouse has committed to ECU and will join the Pirates next fall. The 6-foot-3, 225-pound senior from Bunn High School (Zebulon, NC) gives his thoughts on the newest contract with Adidas.

First thoughts

“I think it’s going to be great. I’ve recently been wearing more Adidas apparel. I love their cleats, I love their design and everything it’s a lot sleeker. Their designs look better and it’s a lot lightweight so you can run a lot faster in them. I feel like they’re just a lot better. I wore Nike for years but then I switched over to Adidas and I’ve enjoyed it a lot.”

On what certain products Brickhouse Enjoys

“I’ve gotten into the Adizero cleats and I really like those, they’re super lightweight and I can perform a lot better in them.”

On the variety of uniform styles Adidas bring

“I like having variety. It’s good to have a flashy thing, I think it’s going to be pretty cool just to have. ECU has always had the purple and gold with all the Nike and it’s kind of been the same for years since I’ve been watching them but I think this change is going to be really good and I feel like the guys there already are really going to get into it and really like it. It’s a lot more modern way of doing it where Nike is just kind of repetitive with things.”

On looking forward to Joining the Pirates next season wearing Adidas

“I can’t wait for it, it’s going to be amazing. I can’t wait to really get down there, get all in the program. I feel like Coach Godwin has a great program there and with Adidas working with him I think it’s just going to be an amazing experience all the way around.”

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