It's Go Time!

When does that real craving for Purple Haze hit you? Every Pirate football fan from the rabid to the serene has a point when "It's Go Time!"

I recently asked this question of my friends and colleagues. The answers range from when the previous season ends to the moment the preseason magazines come out. One gentleman said he just knows. Something usually kicks in and all hell breaks loose in his home. One other fan I asked said he sets a date of 1 August. This keeps his expectations tamed but gives him enough time to practice his Purple and Gold cheer with the kids. I talked with one of my older generation Pirate colleagues and he told me that he turns it up a notch when the Pirates step on the field whether it is an away game or a rocking Saturday Night in Dowdy Ficklen.

For me, the light usually flips on in July when the preseason magazines annually give ECU no respect. But the real sign for me that kicks it off is the Marching Pirates practicing at the bottom of College Hill. I am employed by the University and generally it occurs as I am walking on campus. This year I got a taste of the musical madness Sunday morning while I made my typical trip to pick up breakfast. I caught the 10th Street and College Hill traffic light. It was a nice breezy morning so I had the windows and sunroof open as I enjoyed the early morning weather. As I approached the intersection a familiar tune was ringing in my ears. I looked to my left and there they were, Your East Carolina University Marching Pirates! The sounds of the ECU fight song set me into a frenzy. The wife asked me why I was in such a good mood when I returned home. I simply stated that Purple Haze is all in my veins.

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