Where Do I Begin?

I hate to give yet another Crossbones knock-off site any exposure, but here goes. Now, in addition to Boneyard Banter, Bonesville, and who knows how many other bones are flying around on the Web, a bizarre site called Skull-n-Bones has raised its ugly, de-fleshed head.

Despite the Skull-n-Bones publisher's claimed interest in seeing his alma mater (ECU) succeed it seems his main interest his raising the ire of the "Pirate Nation" he wants to court for site traffic. Strange that on a site entitled Skull-n-Bones, NC State and UNC imagery features more prominently than ECU's.

As many out there will attest I have been known to agitate the Pirate faithful on occasion myself. However, the big difference between myself and the author on that other site is that beneath all the arguments there were basic beliefs that I shared with even my most vociferous debaters, one being my strong belief that East Carolina's athletic program deserves to be included at the same table with the so-called premiere programs in this country. Return to the Southern Conference? Where do I begin?

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