East Carolina the latest to offer Va. CB Chris Hunt

After receiving an offer from East Carolina earlier this month, Bayside cornerback Chris Hunt caught up with InsideECUSports to discuss the offer and ECU football

East Carolina became the sixth school to extend an offer to Virginia Beach (Va.) Bayside cornerback Chris Hunt ion May 6.

Though the 6-foot-1 177 pound cornerback has yet to visit, Hunt is expected to take a trip to Greenville this summer to see what ECU has to offer on and off the gridiron, and to get a better sense of what the program is all about.

"I plan to visit during the summer," said Hunt. "I'm looking forward to seeing how the program is run, and the academic side of things. I also plan to meet with the coaches, as well as talk to some of the players."

Hunt did note, however, that the program is in good shape, and ECU has shown it has the ability to send their athletes to the highest level.

"I feel the program is going up, and it's positive for sure," said Hunt. "It has also produced many NFL players and great athletes." 

The Bayside cornerback also knows four people from his area who attend ECU and all have expressed their opinions of the school.

"They said it is a good school and a positive atmosphere," said Hunt. 

When Hunt makes the transition from high school to college, he is looking to bring the same positive qualities that have gotten him to this point, and is confident he will be able to adjust to the speed the next level plays at. 

"I plan to bring my intensity and leadership," said Hunt. "I think the most challenging thing will be adjusting to the game speed, but I know that I can overcome that."

Hunt finished his junior year season with four interceptions, 13 deflections, and 34 tackles in 11 games. 

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