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QB Philip Nelson receives praise from head coach Scottie Montgomery on media day

During Saturday’s media day, InsideECUSports caught up with head coach Scottie Montgomery and QB Philip Nelson.

It can be easy for a player to lose that competitive edge in practice once a position battle is won. ECU head coach Scottie Montgomery says that starting quarterback Philip Nelson has not let that happen.

“His work ethic has not changed at all,” said Coach Montgomery. “He’s still competing like there’s somebody trying to take his job because guess what? There is somebody trying to take his job. There’s somebody trying to take everyone’s job, so he’s competing at the same level he’s always competed at.”

Coach Montgomery also talked about how Nelson has been able to win over the locker room and has become a leader for the Pirates.

“Now, it’s very clear who the leader of this team is and the leader of this offense,” he said. “When he sits at his locker, there’s 10-15 people standing around him. When he speaks they move, they listen, they understand but they also know that if they ever need him for anything, they can call him and they will be able to get it from him.”

Nelson discussed the transition to Coach Montgomery and said that it has been a very smooth one.

“We started off on a great foot,” said Nelson. “We’ve installed some really good things offensively and the transition has been great so far. We’re just ready to go out there and win some football games.”

Coach Montgomery and the rest of the coaching staff seem to have plenty of confidence in Nelson going into the season and it is nice to know who will be under center going into the first game.

“He knows that this is his team moving forward,” said Coach Montgomery. “He knows that he has the support of the coaching staff.”

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