Coach Montgomery meets with the media after Tuesday's practice

GREENVILLE, NC-- Coach Montgomery has been preparing the Pirates for Western Carolina this week. He spoke with the media on Tuesday about getting his team game ready.

With East Carolina's opening game on Saturday getting closer and closer, head coach Scottie Montgomery is trying to make sure the Pirates are ready to go.

"Another day of practice and preparation for Western Carolina," said coach Montgomery after Tuesday's practice. "We're working hard to try to make sure we nail down our details. I thought we had great work against each other today."

Something interesting coach Montgomery has been doing to help get the Pirates ready for game situations is he has had officials dressed out and making calls during practice.

"We've asked the officials to be out here and I've got them calling everything," he said. "If you tug at a receiver, if you push off slightly, we're trying to get the flags on the ground because I want them to play with great feet."

He went on to talk about how close they were to being game ready and he said they are close, but they won't be completely ready until Saturday.

"We are in a position where we have covered a lot of situations," he said. "We won't be ready to play though until Saturday. We feel good about where we are but to be ready to play you have to be dadgum ready and that's where we'll be come Saturday." 

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