Coach Montgomery meets with the media after Tuesday's practice

After Tuesday evening's practice, head coach Scottie Montgomery met with the media to talk NC State week.

Tuesday evening the Pirates took the practice field and went to work preparing for Saturday's matchup against NC State.

“Great day of install and work," said head coach Scottie Montgomery. "We got some carry over defensively and offensively, so now we’re getting rolling in the second week of doing things."

He went on to say they the Pirates came out pretty lucky injury-wise after Saturday's win over Western Carolina.

“We had a few bumps and bruises but nothing outside of soft tissue stuff that we think we can be OK with," he said. "We feel like we came out pretty healthy.”

There's a lot of hype surrounding this in-state rivalry and coach Montgomery seemed to understand how important the game was. However, he also seemed to not be over thinking it when asked what it would mean to beat NC State this weekend. 

“It’d mean that we’d be 2-0. That’s exactly what it would mean," he said. "It’s a leg of the journey. A Very important leg, as was Western Carolina. We’re focused on our team, we’re focused on preparing against them. But we know how important it is and it will be for everybody here.”

The Pirates will practice again tomorrow to continue preparation for Saturday's noon kickoff against the Wolfpack.

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