Senior LB Dayon Pratt spoke with the media following last nights practice

Dayon Pratt, a standout LB for the Pirates, spoke with the media following practice last night and focused on the upcoming challenge ECU has Saturday when they travel to South Carolina

Dayon Pratt, who has played key roles defensively in the Pirates two wins this season, is looking forward to the South Carolina Gamecocks and knows that there is not time to relish in Saturday's victory.

Pratt started by talking about his performance against State, and noted that there are a few things he has to work on.

"I think I played pretty good," said Pratt. "Got some things to work on of course; can always be better. I have to read my keys more and rely on technique more when I'm tired."

Pratt also talked about how important conditioning is in order to win.

"The conditioning put us in a position to overcome adversity," said Pratt. "I got cramped up, but I bounced because of Coach C." 

Pratt also talked about what the defense will have to focus on most.

"I think their size and power," said Pratt. "It's something we're going to have to against, but something we'll be ready for when it comes."

ECU travels to Columbia, South Carolina this Saturday where they will face the Gamecocks for a 4:00 p.m. kickoff. 

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