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Inside ECU Sports breaks down key takeaways from Saturday's loss to Cincinnati

Saturday's loss to Cincinnati showcased many of the shortcomings of ECU's football team. Inside ECU Sports give you our four key takeaways that encompass those problems.

Last time ECU won a football game, the Presidential debates hadn't even started yet. To say the least, there have been recurring issues exhibited Saturday night that have been plaguing ECU for weeks, and some new inquiries that were validated as well.

The first takeaway is that Anthony Scott struggles with ball security. Although this has been a swirling speculation the past couple of weeks, Saturday's red zone fumble confirmed this problem. This is really a shame because Scott had a promising start to the season (as did the Pirates in general) with multiple 100-yard games. Turnovers have been a consistent problem for ECU, as well as Scott, and they seem to occur at crucial times

The second takeaway is the lack pressure ECU's defense brings. Hats off to Cincinnati quarterback Gunner Kiel and the Bearcats' offense, but it might've been a little harder for them if ECU's could have generated a pass rush. The Pirates tried their best to apply pressure, changing their rushing schemes and bringing different numbers of defenders, but all were ineffective.

The third takeaway is that ECU is now 0-3 in conference play. This all but destroys ECU's bowl game asspirations. At this point, the hope is that ECU can pull off a conference win because going winless in conference play would be extremely dissapointing and would likely have a negatibe effect on recruiting

The fourth takeaway revolves around head coach Scottie Montgomery. Obviously losing five games in a row is not an ideal way to start out your first year at a new school. It's not like ECU doesn't have talent either. Jimmy Williams, Zay Jones, and Quay Johnson are all talented playmakers on the outside. ECU also has an experienced quarterback in Phillip Nelson and talented, versatile playmaker James Summers. The Pirates must make adjustments -- and do so quickly -- or a disappointing season could get even worse.


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