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ECU looks to end five-game losing streak Saturday against UConn

Inside ECU Sports breaks down the keys to success for Pirates' matinee affair against UConn

ECU returns home for a much-needed Saturday in Dowdy-FIcklen as the Pirates are looking to end their five-game losing streak. To get this victory, ECU must do the following.

The first key to success is the offensive line must have a good game and stand their ground against a physical UConn defensive front. ECU's offensive line has been struggling this season against the pass rush at times and it is important they can handle the Huskies front four.

A second key to success is the play of Jimmy Williams, who has been playing great throughout the season. If Williams can get going, it will open up the offense, and allow for James Summers and Shawn Furlow to have success on the ground.

The third key to success is the performance of a shaky ECU defense and their ability to shut down UConn star wide receiver Noel Thomas Jr. Thomas, who accounts for over half of the Huskies' passing attack. He will definitely be a challenge for Pirates' man-coverage system.

A fourth key to success is the matter of ball security. Turnovers have plagued ECU throughout the season, many of which occur in the red zone. ECU has a habit for shooting themselves in the foot when they get some momentum going. 

It is obvious that this game is huge for ECU, but not just because they need to get back in the win column, but they need to get some swagger back. After a big early win against NC State, the season looked promising. However, the Pirates are now 2-5 and looking to salvage the season. If they hope to do so, tomorrow will be the first step.

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