Gardner Minshew (© Kim Klement/USA Today)

Inside ECU Sports breaks down four key takeaways from Saturday's loss

ECU is back to losing form. Your friends here at Inside ECU Sports break down four key takeaway points that could help explain their latest loss to Tulsa and maybe find some positives as well.

East Carolina coach Scottie Montgomery and company lost their sixth game on Saturday, and it seems that this season is going to be one that most Pirates fans try and forget.

The latest loss came courtesy of the of Tulsa. The Golden Hurricane won in dominating fashion and Inside ECU Sports breaks down four takeaways from the game.

The first takeaway is a positive one, and focuses on the performance of star wide receiver Zay Jones. Jones finished the game with 13 catches for 206 yards and a touchdown. It seems that every time ECU has one of these games -- a game where nothing seems to go right -- Pirate Nation can always rely on Jones to perform well.

The second takeaway is the defense played poorly again.  Tulsa finished with almost 300 yards through the air and another 181 on the ground and put up 45 points before the night was over. The defense has struggled for a while and it seems the trend will continue for the foreseeable future. A combination of poor coverage downfield and a lack of pressure on the quarterback are killing this team.

The third takeaway is the play of sophomore signal-caller Gardner Minshew. The couple of times he had previously seen the playing field this year, his play was shaky, and consistency was his biggest problem. After throwing for 336 yards Saturday, it appears the Pirates may have found the quarterback of the present and future.

The fourth takeaway is the white helmet situation. Some teams have a personified object that plagues their chances of winning; The Cubs had Steve Bartman, the Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino, and ECU has the white helmet curse. Every time ECU wears them, you can just smell a loss coming. It might all be superstition, or a silly speculation, but there is a bad aura that surrounds those helmets.  

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