Scottie Montgomery (Kim Klement/USA Today)

ECU has now finished its first season in the Scottie Montgomery Era

The inaugural season of ECU football under Montgomery's tutelage has ended. What are our thoughts about the results?

Transitions are a difficult time for most people. Whether you're transitioning into a new home, a new a job, or a new coach -- the transition period takes time and patience. So is the case for Scottie Montgomery taking the helm for the ECU Pirates.

The season started off hot, with a huge home win against in-state rival N.C. State. The game's final score was 33-30, and was a close game from kickoff. The win seemingly foreshadowed a season in which the Pirates could contend with power 5 opponents, and could do well in the AAC. However, this was not the case.

As the weekends passed, and more and more losses flooded the record books, the obvious conclusion was to blame the first-year, first-time head coach. But it is unfair to place this much blame on Montgomery. 

This season, ECU faced a lot of injuries, and had to experiment with guys at positions they may have never played before in their career. Also, the tumultuous situation at quarterback with a hurt and struggling Phillip Nelson, and an inexperienced Gardner Minshew would have thrown a curveball into any program. Also, a depleted offensive line did not help the quarterback situation or the running back dilemma.

Through thick and thin, however, Montgomery always managed to stay upbeat, and never seemed to discouraged (well at the end he seemed it, but that's a side note) and always brought a ton of energy to the table, which is what this program needs -- energy.

As the saying goes, "it is always darkest before the dawn", and it seems that this phrase is very applicable to ECU football.

Only time can tell how Montgomery's second year will go.  

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