Assistant head coach Michael Perry recaps Senior Night

Greenville, N.C.-- Maybe it was the atmosphere or maybe it was the pregame appearance from Head coach Jeff Lebo, but the Pirates seemed to be fueled by a greater power that lead towards the 66-62 victory for ECU. Assistant head coach Michael Perry spoke on how the team was resilient and the great play from Caleb White who Perry knew White always had this potential bottled up. Next the Pirates prepare for their final AAC conference game at Houston.

In the first half it seemed as the Huskies were about to run away with the game. Every time UConn went on a run Senior guard Caleb White responded with three pointers to keep the game close. At points it seemed the Pirates was down and out in first half not being such a factor in the paint. When faced with a 10-point deficit late in the 1st half things seemed as it were about to get out of hand. White was going to the bench after earning his 20 points and that's when Kentrell Barkley came in.

Barkley entered the game with about three minutes left and picked up the slack. Barkley was able to get to the basket forcing the foul and making the shot, and made a few threes to keep the game close at the half 32-28. In the second half the tables were turned, ECU took control of the game. The ball movement and the aggressive attacks to the rim changed the tide for the Pirates.

The team was relentless, they never gave up throughout the game and made clutch baskets down the line. Another factor that led to ECU's victory was the stout defense from the players. The Pirates forced 15 turnovers and accumulated six steals with four blocks. Now the Pirates plan to prepare for their next AAC conference game against Houston who are 20-8 on the season and 11-5 in conference.

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