Questionable Approach

Count me among the biggest admirers of Coach Logan and what he has accomplished in his years as East Carolina's head football coach. However, if Logan's remarks about the importance or lack thereof of winning the UNC game are indicative of his true feelings is he really willing or able to take the Pirates' program to the next level.

It has been reported that prior to the season Logan went about de-emphasizing the importance of ECU's four non-conference games. Said Logan, "I told our football team if we were 1-4 at that end of that little stretch and had beaten Tulane, we could deal with it."

Logan's rationale about the importance of conference games doesn't escape me, especially when considering the fact that ECU competes in a non-BCS league where an 11-0 finish would probably result in the same post-season destination as a 7-4 record and C-USA crown would merit – Memphis and the Liberty Bowl.

In my opinion, Logan's thought process encourages a let's just do enough to get by mentality – and corresponding mediocre results. Imagine Bobby Bowden telling his players, "Don't concern yourself with the Miami or Florida games - let's just make sure we win our ACC games. " I don't think that would happen, do you?

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