Mistakes, Over and Over

Much has been made of East Carolina head football coach John Thompson's accommodating demeanor with Pirate fans, and the press contrasted with his predecessor's secretive ways, and somewhat surly temperament. It is true, Steve Logan was not great at public relations, but when he did come forth with information it usually had some substance to it.

John Thompson sounds like a tape on continuous loop. Following his team's latest loss Thompson once again said, "We've got to find some way to not make the same mistake over and over." Besides the fact that fans are tired of hearing this tired line they want some answers as to why the Pirates continue to make those same mistakes over and over.

Could it be the coaching? I think it must be. If he said we just don't have the talent to compete that would be one thing, but mistakes are correctable and ultimately are the responsibility of the coaching staff.

I realize that this is Thompson's first year, but if his team is still making the same mistakes 11 games into the season, something is terribly wrong and needs to be changed. Is it the coaching personnel or the approach? Will recruiting save the day? Perhaps Thompson isn't really head coaching material? These are question s that should be asked.

The ECU football team has one more opportunity to demonstrate that it has improved over the course of a season. Unfortunately that opportunity comes in the form of Southern Mississippi, a team the Pirates can't beat even in the best of times. Barring a miracle, John Thompson's squad will go down in history as the biggest loser in ECU gridiron history. Even Art Baker avoided that distinction.

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