Musings on Herrion... Again

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece about Bill Herrion. In it I took issue with his comments published in the Cincinnati Enquirer about his enthusiasm over the soon-to-be new Conference USA.

I was a little dismayed that he would want his team to participate in a significantly weaker C-USA simply because the Pirates would be more competitive game in and game out. The fact is Herrion's team has been pretty competitive on the court in the C-USA this year. A bounce here and there, and who knows, ECU may have 3 or 4 more conference wins.

It's obvious that Herrion's coaching ability, and improved talent has helped the Pirates' basketball program immensely. But, what will the new, weaker version of C-USA basketball bring for ECU? No longer can recruits be lured to Greenville with the promise that they will regularly be competing against the likes of Louisville, Marquette, and Cincinnati. But alas, that's a moot point. Herrion will have to play the hand dealt him. I just wish he wasn't so happy about it.

I have read many message board debates on Herrion's worthiness to continue as East Carolina's head coach. For what it's worth, I think Herrion is the right man for the job. The last thing ECU athletics needs right now is more uncertainty. I just hope that he is able to overcome the recruiting challenges posed by the new C-USA.

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