Monday's Notes 11/12/01

Did you ever watch an ECU football game and experience the concept known as déjà vu? You know, the one where ECU is playing an opponent on ESPN, jumps out to a huge half-time lead, then does everything it can to make the opponent's second string QB a Heisman candidate before holding on to win "on the last play of the game".

The next day, the supposed Pirate faithful are blaming the head coach for the close win because he stands at the wrong spot on the sideline or something.

Well, if you haven't put that scenario together yet, then obviously you are living in a parallel universe, because this is a frequent occurrence.

Just watch the Cincinnati game from November 10, or the TCU game from October 30, or the Louisville game from last year. The amazing thing to me is that we keep winning these games. Eventually the shoe will have to fall the other way, a la the ‘Bama game back in 1998. But for now, it is enough to keep us in the CUSA title hunt. And I guess that should be the goal at this point.

Speaking of Heisman type efforts, I think I'll take the opportunity to praise Leonard Henry. And why not? I only have three more games (including the hopeful bowl game) to do so. Every game he just amazes me more and more. The 234 yards he gained yesterday were just another display of his determination. And oh yeah, don't think that Henry could have posted 200+ for the second time this year without some great blocking up front and down the field. Those guys deserve quite the applause as well.

Now for the big showdown: Louisville coming in on Thursday night for another ESPN scare. It is so easy to despise the Cards. Obviously they did everything they could to keep ECU out of CUSA for football, and I am sure they weren't overly thrilled about our entrance for all sports. Last time they visited Greenville, we couldn't have slowed their offense with the whole student body. And who knows, there probably is some truth to the rumor the Louisville is trying to beg their way into the Big East or to lead the 8-team revolt out of CUSA.

Either way, this is the type of match-up that conference clamor for. Let's hope that the Pirates can play well enough, even if only for one half, to win another one and get us back to Memphis.

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