Monday's Notes 12/3/01

East Carolina's selection by the GMAC Bowl left many UAB football fans miffed and others outright livid.

These folks think that their Johnny-come-lately (less than 10 years old) program is more deserving of a bowl this year than ECU even though both teams sport identical records. So, they are whining about the unfairness of the bowl system. By contrast, ECU fans questioned their team's worthiness in being selected. Now believe me, I will not argue that the Pirates themselves should have landed a bowl berth. In fact, there will be several more deserving teams sitting home this post season, but UAB is not one of them. Here's the bottom line Blazer fans, the bowls have never been about showcasing the best teams, although on occasion that happens. The bowls are about making money, especially for the host city. Think about it, if UAB were to play in the GMAC Bowl, how many Blazer fans would spend two or more days in Mobile? And another thing, how many Blazer fans would even show? If home game attendance is any indication, my guess is not many. Maybe the Pirates' program is finally receiving compensation for the many years its bowl-worthy teams have been shunned by the bowl system. Remember the 1983 team, 8-3 with a top 20 ranking and losses only to Florida State (47-46), Florida (24-17) and eventual national champion Miami (12-7)? Or more recently, the 1996 squad that also finished 8-3 including a 31-6 pasting of then 12th ranked Miami in the Orange Bowl? No, what it really comes down to is that Pirate fans travel well – and spend money.

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