Unbelievable, that's the word that comes to mind after reading Eric Gilmore's opinion piece in the latest issue of the The East Carolinian.

In case you missed it the subject was on branded collegiate apparel worn on the ECU campus. Specifically, apparel that bore the insignias of schools other than ECU, especially those hated ACC institutions.

In my stint of writing for The East Carolinian and before that, The Fountainhead, I can without hesitation state that the editors then would have dismissed such a silly topic out of hand. Evidently, in a society where political correctness runs rampant anything goes.

In his rant Gilmore includes quotes from three less-than-objective people, only one currently an ECU student. Guess who, Mark Lindsay (aka OTM), and Troy Dreyfuss, (owner of 1250am), and Minges Maniac President Seth Horton. Can you believe it?

Just for kicks, here's a sampling of their quotes:

"It's disrespectful to the school that you are a part of and that you are paying to attend. People need to have pride and support the school they are in. While some people would say it's superficial, I take it very personal." – Troy Dreyfuss

"It is a huge slap in the face to other ECU students that have pride in the school they attend, and to past and present ECU leaders who have fought those same in-state schools to become what we are today." – Seth Horton

"The last thing we need is for our own student body to wear ACC gear on this campus." – Mark Lindsay

Uh, oh, I gotta' go, I hear the sound of chopper blades.

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