Q&A: Aundrae Allison

East Carolina wide receiver Aundrae Allison was selected in the fifth round of the 2007 NFL Draft by the Minnesota Vikings. Allison met with the media to discuss the pick.

What are they telling you about your role here?
Just to help get the receiving corps back at the high level that they were when Randy Moss was there and Cris Carter, so I am just going to go in there and try to make plays. I am just glad to have this opportunity.

What did you know about Minnesota in general?
Actually I wasn't expecting to be taken by them but I understand how the whole draft process is pretty much in the air. I do have a good understanding of this team. They have Tarvaris Jackson at quarterback, the guy running the ball last year was really good, Chester (Taylor), and I know they just got Adrian and they got Sidney Rice, so you know I feel like on offense there are a lot of playmakers on the field.

How much did you think the ankle sprain slowed you last season?
It affected me a whole lot. I couldn't burst in and out of my cuts like I usually do. And you know it played a big part in my whole season because it was a problem.

Are you healthy now? Are you going to be ready to go?
Yeah, I am totally healthy right now.

Were you surprised at all you fell to the 5th round?
Yeah I was totally shocked. I've got a lot of friends in the draft also shocked. We just communicated through the whole process; that's how I basically kept my head up. Some of the guys that I competed with were looking at it like how did I drop to day two? It's the NFL draft; at the end of the day it's all about getting an opportunity and making the best of it.

Do you feel that is going to put a big chip on your shoulder coming in here?
I already had a chip just because coming from the school I came out of we don't play a lot of nationally televised games so you are already off the radar so I already had a chip on my shoulder. Whoever was going to take me was going to get more than the best of me. It's just about Minnesota giving me this opportunity, keeping me in the purple and gold. I am just going to make the best of it and basically chill out. Just try to do what I do best and make plays and play football

What team did you expect to take you?
Yeah, Tampa, St. Louis and Pittsburgh. And you know those guys passed up on me, but it's just a great situation. I just felt like I was going to Tampa Bay, but they didn't take me so I was totally shocked.

Why do you think you lasted so long?
Honestly I don't know. I felt like the people that picked over me, I felt like, just the history of them making good picks is not good at all. It's not a coincidence that the people they picked; they never make the playoffs. I feel like Minnesota is good at evaluating talent; this organization is on the coming up and coach (Skip Holtz) knows a couple guys in the offense, I am sure just by him giving his word knowing I can play football. And the teams that passed up on me, I feel like they haven't done their research good enough.

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