North Carolina's Top 50 Prospects: #11-20

After attending seven combines, watching hours of film and speaking with numerous high school coaches across the state, we at Inside ECU Sports feel confident that no one has spent more time evaluating the in-state class of 2008. Today we continue our evaluation of the in-state class with the #11-20 prospects in the state of North Carolina.

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    Legend: (o)-offer, (L)- our opinion of who may lead for a particular prospect, (c)- camp

    20. OL Nick Becton...6-7, 285 pounds, 5.1/40...New Hanover HS...Wilmington, NC
    Notes...Although he is a relative newcomer to football, Becton has a world of potential and the size and athleticism that can't be coached. Because he is still learning the game, many feel Becton has a huge upside and he should make big strides as a senior in 2007. Becton's game is defined by his quickness, frame and long arms. Once his knowledge of the offensive tackle position catches up with his physical ability, watch out.

    Schools...NC State (o)(L)(c), South Carolina (o), East Carolina (o), Alabama, Clemson, Virginia Tech

    Just our opinion...NC State was the first school to offer and behind the scenes, signs point to the Pack as being the team to beat for Becton's commitment. It's not impossible that Becton could make a college decision before the start of the 2007 season. ECU is in the mix as well as South Carolina.

    19. CB Makiri Pugh...6-0, 190 pounds, 4.4/40...Independence HS...Charlotte, NC
    Notes...Pugh is a productive defensive back for one of the top high school programs in the country. He has a good blend of size and speed. Pugh's stock really took off during the spring when several division one schools jumped on board with offers. Some have rated Pugh higher but for us, it was a little telling that neither NC State or UNC offered. Pugh's commitment to Georgia earlier this month was certainly nothing to sneeze at, however.

    School....Georgia commitment

    18. LB Kevin Reddick...6-2, 205 pounds, 4.5/40...New Bern (NC) HS
    Notes...Reddick is one of those players that really jumped out during the combines held over the spring. He is a super athlete and has all the measurables you need in a future college linebacker. Reddick knows how to play the position well and with his size and unquestioned speed, is a prospect that certainly has the potential to rocket up this list over the coming months.

    Schools...UNC (o)(L), East Carolina (o), NC State (o), Alabama, South Carolina (o)

    Just our opinion...UNC did a good job of identifying and jumping on Reddick early and they have been rewarded by being listed as Reddick's top school. ECU is closest to home, but the Pirates appear to be on the outside looking in.

    17. OL Andrew Wallace...6-5, 265 pounds, 4.76/40...Olympic HS...Charlotte, NC
    Notes...Wallace is another prospect that went from zero offers to one of North Carolina's hottest prospects in a matter of weeks. There's no doubt coaches like his 4.76 speed and frame to build upon. He is still relatively raw as an offensive lineman and needs to improve his fundamentals and footwork. However, the tools are there and he'll simply need time for a division one college coach to fine tune his game.

    Schools....UNC(o)(L), NC State(o)(c), Miami(o), South Carolina(o), Virginia Tech(o), Tennessee(o), Illinois(o)

    Just our opinion...UNC took an early lead for Wallace after he recently camped in Chapel Hill. An admitted Wolfpack fan growing up, Wallace has yet to meet the NC State coaches so an impending trip to State for camp this summer will be critical to the Pack's chances. If that goes well and the Pack connects with him then State could emerge as the team to beat.

    16. DB Eddie Whitley...6-1, 170 pounds, 4.4/40...Butler HS...Charlotte,NC

    Notes...Having three players from one school, playing in the same defensive backfield and ranked in the top 20 may be a first in these rankings. Whitley's speed may be a tad behind Spencer Adams but suffice it to say that both are fast. Whitley had a very impressive junior season, snaring six interceptions. He still has room to improve in his coverage skills but the potential is there and division one offers have come in with regularity. Could project at either safety or cornerback on the next level.

    Schools....NC State(o), Virginia Tech(o), Oregon (o), California(o), Virginia(o), UNC(o), Georgia

    Just our opinion...Whitley recently released a top four that was completely out of whack with what he had previously reported. In the end we think NC State, Virginia Tech and UNC could emerge as the major players.

    15. TE Mario Carter...6-4, 215 pounds, 4.7/40...Independence HS...Charlotte, NC
    Notes...Carter is an extremely fluid player with above average athleticism and pass-catching ability. Didn't put up huge receiving stats as a junior but should have better numbers in 2007. Carter moves well and has the quickness to create enough separation to make himself a reliable option in the passing game. Carter will need to add bulk in college but he is a very effective blocker on the high school level and doesn't shy away from that aspect of the game.

    Schools...NC State commitment

    14. OL Michael Via...6-6, 255 pounds, 5.0/40...NE Guilford HS...McLeansville, NC
    Notes...Few players in North Carolina saw their stock take off quicker than Via. Via is very comparable to players like Landon Walker and Hutch Eckerson before him. He is somewhat undersized now but his frame would suggest the ability to add the necessary weight for OT. He isn't as polished as Mattes but is still impressive with his footwork and long arms. With a solid senior season he certainly has the potential to improve in our rankings later in the year.

    Schools...Virginia Tech commitment

    13. ATH Tobias Palmer...5-10, 165 pounds, 4.4/40...Northwood HS...Pittsboro, NC
    Notes...Very quick prospect with tremendous acceleration and is nearly impossible to catch from behind. Is one of the state's top returning running backs and because of his speed and elusiveness will put up huge numbers in 2007. His lack of size is somewhat of a detriment but he does have a muscular frame and is a much harder stop than one might think. It wouldn't be surprising if he ends up at defensive back once he gets to college but will need time to learn the position.

    Schools....NC State commitment

    12. S Spencer Adams...6-1, 175 pounds, 4.4/40...Butler HS...Charlotte, NC
    Notes...Adams is defined by his incredible speed and ability to make up ground in a hurry. He has a solid frame and will likely project at safety on the next level. Is very active on defense- registering 100 tackles and three picks as a junior. Tackling fundamentals could be improved but that will come with time. He has become one of North Carolina's most heavily recruited prospects.

    Schools...UNC(o), NC State(o), Virginia Tech(o), Clemson(o), Michigan(o), Miami, Florida

    Just our opinion....Adams has a wide open list right now so picking a destination is impossible. Of the seven schools mentioned, we think UNC, Michigan, NC State and Clemson look particularly strong.

    11. QB Braden Hanson...6-6, 210 pounds, 4.8/40...Charlotte (NC) Latin School
    Notes...Hanson is a very talented QB with good throwing mechanics and a strong arm. He does a great job of allowing his receivers to come open and then placing his throws where only his man can get to the ball. Hanson is also very proficient in the short and intermediate passing game. He is not a scrambler but runs tough and can be a load when he has to be. Some have questioned his level of competition but on film, he definitely impresses.

    Schools....UNC(o)(L), Rutgers(o), Wisconsin(o), Duke(o), Georgia Tech(o), Iowa(o), Missouri(o)

    Just our opinion....Hard to imagine him choosing anyone other than UNC.

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