Quotables: Art Bryles

Houston head coach Art Briles met with the media to discuss this week's game against East Carolina. Here is a sample of what he had to say.

On the Colorado State game:
"It was a great team effort, great university effort the other day at the game. Our crowd, our student section in particular, was especially supportive even when we didn't give them a lot of reason to be early on. They stuck with us. They showed a lot of resiliency, faith and hope, just like our football team did. We have a tough crowd and a tough team. It was a good, tough win for us. That's the thing that I was most proud of. You just keep battling and battling and expect good things to happen and sooner or later they do. We had guys come through and make critical plays at critical times and we scored 14 points in a 21 second span with fumble caused by the defense."

On the East Carolina game:
"Our job this week is to defend our conference championship. They are a team on the East side of the bracket and if we want to play the Conference Championship game here at home at Robertson Stadium in December we have to notch a bunch of conference victories. It's a big test for us, and an opportunity for us to create our own path to get to the conference championship. They are a formidable opponent. They have a good football team. They played some very tough teams to open the season. I am sure they are shaking themselves off and getting ready for a conference run and to make a move at it.

"Last year they actually went down to the wire with Southern Miss in the East side of the bracket to see who was going to be a representative at the Conference Championship so we know they are going to be a good football team. We know they are going to come in here with a lot of effort and attitude. Skip Holtz has done a great job since he has been there, but they are going to find it on the other side of the ball when they play us."

On the team maturing after the Colorado State game:
"Yes. Decidedly, (we grew up) a bunch, players, coaches, everyone. Until you do something you never really know if you can. We might have done it last year and we might have done it in 2005. We have come from behind a lot of times but we hadn't done it in 2007. We have now. This team is definitely finding an identity and finding a belief. That is the kind of thing that can prepare you. What we have to do is use it intelligently, momentum-wise and go from there. It was a huge win from that factor, without a doubt."

On freshman quarterback Case Keenum:
"I think Case's most positive attributes are he has a calm confidence about him that is very critical at that position, he has good vision, he understands what is going on on the football field, he understands what's going on within the plays that are called and he has good people around him. We have good people on the offensive side of the ball. The defense did a great job of allowing the offense to get on track and get going and keeping us in the ball game. So when he was in, he took advantage and did a good job.

"As we go into East Carolina, Case is going to be our starting quarterback."

On looking past the ECU game to the Alabama game:
"Next week doesn't even exist. That's not even an issue because this is the only week that matters. I can say that in all honesty. The guys are the same way. You are judged on how you do that week and the best thing we can do is win this week."

On how Conference USA is playing out:
"I honestly haven't paid that much attention to what is going on outside of the University of Houston. There are some teams that are playing pretty well out there. It's still too early to tell what's going to happen. Last year, through seven games we were sitting at 4-3 and we ran off six (wins) in a row. It's too early to tell how its going to end up but we know there are some good football teams out there and East Carolina is certainly one of them. They have good folks."

On East Carolina's team:
"They like big people. When they recruit, if you aren't big they aren't taking you. They like big people. We will see what happens Saturday. We like what we do too and we like who we do it with. That's why the guy raises his hand and blows the whistle to find out what's going to happen. We will be ready Saturday when he does that.

On the team's strengths so far this season:
"We are really playing hard, playing fast on both sides of the ball. We are playing with a certain degree of confidence, which we should be. We have won eight of our last 10 football games. We should be a confident football team."

On the importance of having other players, besides Anthony Alridge, contribute on offense:
"We can't ride `Quick' all the way through so we have to have certain players come through and they are going to. As opportunities come they are going to do it because they are good football players and good teammates. Anthony will get his, too. They are going to slow him but he is going to be hard to stop. What he allows us to do is to allow other people to make plays, which is the best part about it. We are still in the feeling-out process and finding out what we do best as a football team right now.

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