To our readers

Recently on our message board, I received a rather impolite exhortation from a reader to do a better job of updating this site. This individual went on to compare my slackness to the ECU football team's performance thus far this year.

Frankly, I don't see the correlation. However, I will in some manner try and explain my inattentiveness to the site. Those of you that have witnessed our evolution over the years know that we [Crossbones] never shied away from controversy, whether the subject was recruiting, coaching or the ECU athletic administration.

Despite what many believe, our motive was never an effort to advance any particular agenda, but was simply an attempt at objectivity. As a result, we were accused of being anti-ECU and were constantly thwarted in our efforts to gain the proper media credentials needed to adequately serve our readers. And, honestly, I grew weary of the battle.

There was time when I personally devoted a minimum of 40 hours a week to the site, but that is impractical now. I have kept Crossbones going because I felt a non-homer ECU website was needed, maybe I was mistaken. As to the editorial content, I welcome anyone with a passion for ECU sports and some writing skills to contact me. I'll publish their work.

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